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Get a variety of fragrance products at Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy has an extensive collection of fragrance products to help with body odour during summers. These refreshing perfumes can lift your mood and ensure that you remain fresh throughout the day. 
Since time immemorial, perfumes and fragrance products have been a part of our everyday life. Deodorant and body spray are the modern-day versions of the same. These fragrance products have also actively helped with insomnia, headache, body pain, depression, and anxiety. Not to forget, fragrance products have a way of enhancing mental wellbeing. 

Benefits of including fragrance products in daily life

Fragrance products not only make you smell great but also comes with various health benefits.
Sensory enhancers that help with mental health: Since aromatherapy nurtures the senses, you can use it to reflect your mood in a better way. Additionally, it also uplifts your spirit, reduces stress and helps with anxiety.
-Sinusitis: Although many people with sinusitis tend to stay away from perfumes, some essential oil can help with headaches. These fragrance products contain therapeutic elements like citrus fruit extracts and spice extracts that have a soothing effect. 
-Insomnia: The essential oil-based roll-on, balm, candles, or incense sticks induce sleep after a long day. The essential oils have a way of relaxing your nerves, and it creates an environment that allows you to sleep better at night.

Additional benefits of using perfumes

Fragrance products like perfumes, body spray, and deodorant are available for personal use. As much as these products have benefits related to personal wellbeing, they may not necessarily have therapeutic bioactive compounds.

However, deodorant sticks with essential oils like Moroccan argan oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera extracts, and other essential components can be applied over the skin. These fragrance products help in fighting the body odour alongside preventing skin infections.

Some special roll-ons and deodorants also have brightening compounds to remove the underarm pigmentation. So, choose from a wide range of products per your preference and needs.   

Frequently asked questions

How to choose suitable perfumes?

The quality of fragrance products depends on the concentration of essential oils and active ingredients. The more concentrated the extracts are, the better and long-lasting is the fragrance. Moreover, the way you are going to use a fragrance product also determines its longevity of the same. If you use it as a room freshener, it might disappear sooner than expected.

Do fragrance products expire?

Perfumes, deodorant, and body spray don’t have an expiry date. However, it would be best to use them within a year of opening the bottle to avoid any fragrance loss. Since spirit and alcohol are the main ingredients, they will likely evaporate over a period. The average shelf-life of fragrance products is anywhere between 5 to 7 years. 

Do perfumes cause allergies?

If you have inherited sensitivity towards certain fragrances, you might develop allergies. However, fragrance products don’t usually trigger an allergic response. 
Some symptoms to observe for fragrance sensitivity nevertheless include:
-Rashes or burning sensation on the skin
-Runny nose
-Sudden onset of sharp headache
-Redness in eyes

Are deodorants and perfumes the same products?

 A deodorant is slightly different from a perfume because it is primarily used to cover body odour caused by excessive sweat and skin microbial flora. On the other hand, perfumes are generally much more potent and are used usually to please the senses. 

Why are roll-ons becoming popular?

 Roll-on deodorants are becoming popular because it not only masks the body odour but also block the pores on the skin to prevent sweat. As such, it also controls the microbial growth in the area and is suitable for sensitive skin.