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Explore From a Range of the Best Hair Colour Products Online at Apollo Pharmacy

Beauty trends have come and gone, but one thing that remains consistent is people's desire to look youthful. The quickest way to attain that is by covering up all grey hairs. However, looking for the right hair dye products can often be a hassle. Local stores may run out of the right shades, or worse, they may not stock one's shade at all.
For example, Indian hair is usually extremely dark. Hence those with lighter hair can find it challenging to find hair dye products that match their shade. Every time they need a touch- up, the salon is the only option. And while that allows for a more skilled application, salons are expensive.
Therefore, permanent hair dyes are a blessing for many since they are affordable and completely safe to use. Apollo Pharmacy's online store stocks a wide variety of hair dye products and countless shades under them. Moreover, these products include international and home-grown brands, as well as chemical dyes and natural hair dyes like henna. These colours last long, are extremely easy to use and affordable – saving you time, money, and effort!

Types of hair dye products available on the market

There are broadly four types of hair colour products that are most frequently used:
- Temporary hair colours
- Semi-permanent hair dye products.
- Demi-permanent hair colour products.
- Permanent hair dyes.
- Henna – a natural hair dye.

In addition, one can also find root concealers, hair bleach, and hair gloss. However, these
hair dye products are only for those who wish to attain a less natural, mostly cosmetic
effect on their hair.

Benefits of using hair colour products

Natural hair dyes are one of the best ways to ensure good hair health. Permanent and semi- permanent hair colour products also don’t necessarily have to be bad just because they are chemically constituted. So, here are some benefits of using hair dye products.
- Permanent dyes require less frequent application. At least, not as often as semi- permanent or demi-permanent hair colour products.
- There is a broader range of colour shades in all categories of hair dye products.
- Permanent colours are usually more natural-looking and provide better coverage of grey hair.
-Since permanent colours do not wash off, they encourage regular washing, promoting healthy hair.
- Certain temporary hair colour treatments contain added nutrients that help to restore hair health.
- Some colours, such as henna, are not chemically constituted at all. They are a great What type of hair dye products are the safest?alternative to semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent hair colouring.

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