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Get the Best Herbal Products At Apollo Pharmacy 

At Apollo Pharmacy, you will find many plant-based medicines, tonics, and other herbal products at the best prices. Like conventional medicine, herbal products have been a part of our medical system for centuries. With no side effects and a natural healing process, demand for herbal remedies remains high. 

Apollo Pharmacy has a wide range of herbal products available in juice and tablet forms, allowing you to pick the preferred option. Whether you need dietary supplements or skincare products online, you can quickly get them delivered to your doorstep.

Benefits of Herbal Products 

Herbal care products at Apollo Pharmacy bring you the perfect combination of nutrients and minerals for better health. 
We strive to provide 100% authentic and natural herbal medicines that can treat common health complications. Our collection of herbal care products offers the following benefits:

- Improve digestive function and appetite 
- Boost metabolism and keep your gut healthy 
- Detoxify blood and maintain blood sugar levels 
- Help in improving the sleep cycles 
- Reduce stress and anxiety 
- Help treat conditions like obesity and heart diseases  

What Ingredients are Used in Herbal Supplements?

Herbal supplements are made of natural oils, seeds, berries, root extracts, or flowers of certain plants. Generally, such products are available in tablets, capsules, ointments, tea mixtures, bath salts, etc. 

Some common ingredients found in these supplements are:

 - Aloe Vera - Helpful in accelerating wound healing and treating digestive conditions like constipation or gastritis.
- Chamomile - Consumed in tea form, chamomile can cure sleeplessness, diarrhoea, upset stomach, or anxiety.
- Flaxseed - It can be used in multiple forms to treat conditions like asthma, haemoptysis, dysphonia, bronchitis, etc.  
- Ginkgo - It contains a high quantity of antioxidants and is used to reduce anxiety.

How to Consume Herbal Products Safely?

The best way to consume any herbal product is to follow the instructions mentioned on the package. Usually, you have to consume powders, tablets, capsules or syrups with water. You can also take them with lukewarm milk, according to the instructions. 

While taking herbal medicine, don't forget to check out the dosage. Some products require you to have them twice a day, before or after meals. These instructions may differ from one product to another.  

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