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Holland & Barrett supplements only at Apollo Pharmacy

Looking for the right supplements and vitamins to augment your diet and support your overall health? Look no further! It’s time to discover the extensive range of natural health products, food supplements and herbal remedies offered by Holland & Barrett. Their innovative products are crafted with great care and concern for everyone’s well-being. You cannot go wrong with their high-quality minerals, vitamins, nutritional supplements or health foods.  Experience the magic of their 80 years worth of experience and buy a Holland & Barrett
supplement today, only from Apollo Pharmacy. Get express delivery right to your doorsteps!

Why introduce supplements to your diet?

If you care about your health, then you should consider adding supplements to your diet. Incorporating the right supplements could change your life for the better! Here are some reasons why you must consider consuming supplements regularly:

- Given how often we eat junk food, it's important to offer our bodies a well-rounded nutritional supply.
- Supplements will aid your weight loss journey.
- They play a significant role in improving cognitive abilities like memory and the ability to think and process thoughts.
- They improve your athletic performance with little risk of inflammation.
- Chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases are lowered thanks to supplements.
- They contribute to a better vision.
- Supplements can help you receive the necessary nutrients if you are on a plant-based diet.
- Gives a solid boost to the immune system.
- They help prevent sleep disruptions.
- A bottle of neonatal vitamin supplements is helpful for pregnant women.

Top 3 Holland & Barrett supplements that you must have!

Apollo Pharmacy offers an extensive range of Holland & Barrett supplements you can browse. Let’s take a look at the best products offered by them.

Holland & Barrett Omega 3 Fish Oil: An ideal supplement with good fatty acids like DHA and EPA that boosts brain function and heart health. This fish oil also relieves joint pains, stiffness and skin disorders.

Holland & Barrett Calcium with Vitamins D and K: A regular dose of this supplement is all your muscles and bones need. It helps maintain the proper and overall functioning of your body. Vegetarian users can also consume this product.

Holland & Barrett Cranberry Fruit Concentrate: Loaded with an abundance of Vitamin C and E, these cranberry fruit concentrate tablets boost your immunity. It also offers relief from urinary and bladder infections.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best nutritional supplements?

Adding the following nutritional supplements will help you maintain optimal health and attain your peak health:

Multivitamins support your overall diet

Fish oil regulates inflammation

Magnesium provides vitamin D, strengthens bone, improves blood sugar and blood pressure, lowers anxiety and irritability, and drives away fatigue and muscle cramps.

Vitamin D helps maintain bone integrity, normal inflammatory response, proper neuromuscular function, calcium absorption, muscle strength, strong immunity, etc.

Probiotics are essential for maintaining gut health and ensuring there are no bacterial imbalances.

What’s the right way to consume supplements?

You should always consume supplements with food to lower the risk of an upset stomach. Moreover, it will improve absorption and stimulate better digestion. You can consume some supplements on an empty stomach, so always read the label instructions.

How safe are the nutritional supplements?

Adding nutritional supplements like multivitamins, probiotics, magnesium, vitamin D, or fish oil is relatively safe. The only trick here is to know the correct quantity to consume. If you take the supplements in excess, it is likely to cause harm or side effects.

What are the side effects of food supplements?

Food supplements are generally safe but may occasionally result in the following downsides:

- Acne
- Allergic reactions
- Light sensitivity
- Skin reactions
- Vomiting and nausea
- Loss of appetite
- Abdominal pain
- Headaches
- Sleepiness
- Tingling sensation
- Itching
- Irritability
- Disturbed sleep patterns
- Overactivity and excitement
- Confusion
- Weight loss
- Bloating

What are people recommended to add supplements to their diet?

Supplements are helpful for everyone who wants to achieve a complete diet, but the following people are recommended to use them more than others:

- If you have a diet explicitly catering to their weight loss goals
- If you have a vegan or plant-based diet
- If you suffer from eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia
- If you have a food sensitivity and can't consume specific foods like gluten or dairy
- If you are suffering from impaired digestion
- If you are on some chronic medication