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Check Out the Best Home Essentials at Apollo Pharmacy

Adulthood is already riddled with complications – deadlines, taxes, bills. Why should stocking your house with basic home essentials becomes another troublesome headache?

When moving into a new house or simply thinking about restocking your old one, you must have access to all the basic home essentials. So, get your hands on all the necessities at Apollo Pharmacy. Check out the wide range of home essential products and order them from the comfort of your home today!

5 Must-Have Home Essential Products 

Here are 5 home essential products you must have in your house:

  • Insect killers: Bugs and insects are not only a great source of irritation but can cause severe damage to your health and house infrastructure. Insects like mosquitoes, fleas, termites, bed bugs, fire ants, and ticks can transmit terrible diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya virus, sleeping sickness, etc. Moreover, they can also damage the electrical wires, wooden structures, carpets, clothes, etc. Hence, insect killer products are a must!
  • Antiseptic liquids: Prevention is better than cure! Antiseptic liquids or disinfectant sprays are a must-have home essential product. These help keep infections, bacteria and germs at bay and allow you to practice optimum hygiene and cleanliness. 
  • Room fresheners: Sitting in a smelly room is no good. Room fresheners are a low-maintenance, cost-effective method to eliminate any foul odour in the room. Spray them in your washroom regularly to ensure a fresh experience. 
  • Cleaning essentials: A clean and germ-free house is an ideal house. Cleaning essentials like disinfectant toilet cleaner and germ kill spray ensure that your house is not a hub of dirt and possible diseases.
  • Batteries: Batteries may seem like small, insignificant and forgettable products, but when you need one and can't find any, it can be frustrating. Keeping spare batteries handy is essential. So, the next time you need to change the battery of your TV remote or wall clock at odd hours, you know you don't have to rush to the market.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best brands for home essential products?

You can buy some of the best home essentials products from reputable and trustworthy brands like:
Apollo Life
Apollo Pharmacy

How to properly use a disinfectant spray to avoid any disasters?

Home essential products like disinfectant sprays can effectively prevent infectious diseases such as influenza and colds. However, to do so, you need to know how to use them correctly:
Use a microfiber cloth instead of a cotton mop.
Change your mop water mixed with disinfectant after cleaning every 2-3 rooms.
Make sure to hit the hot spot surfaces, i.e., the places that are most frequently touched.
Before applying the disinfectant spray, ensure that you clear away any visible dirt.
Always refer to the directions written on the label.
Make sure to dilute the disinfectant spray if it is in concentrated form.
Never mix the disinfectant solution with any other chemical.

Are insect repellents safe for children?

Insect repellants are quite a vital home essential product. They are safe for kids if you:
Use repellant in the forms of lotions, sticks and unpressurised sprays.
Observe all the precautions and follow the directions mentioned on the label.
Only apply the repellant on your child’s clothes and not skin.
Spray repellants on their clothes in an open area to ensure no suffocation.
Keep it out of your kid’s reach.

What are some of the best room fresheners available at Apollo Pharmacy?

Apollo Pharmacy offers a wide range of room fresheners that will leave your home smelling sweet and fresh. Some of them are:
Odonil Lavender Mist Room Freshener
Godrej Aer Power Packer Lavender Bloom Bathroom Fragrance
Air Wick Aerosol Aqua Floral
Ambi pur Car Lavendar Comfort
Lia Lemon Burst Room Freshener