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Get the Best Ayurvedic Liver Care Products At Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy offers a wide array of ayurvedic liver care products to keep your liver free from ailments. These products will help improve liver function, protect liver cells, and enhance metabolism. 

Our range of liver care ayurvedic products includes tablets, juices, and powdered medication.  

Check out our 100% authentic medicines to start your journey towards better health!

Apollo Pharmacy has the best liver care medicines to suit all your needs. All our liver care products are 100% natural and verified by specialists. You don’t have to worry about side effects, as our medicines are free from them! 

Check out our platform, and choose products according to your requirements. You can get medical assistance and buy prescribed drugs. We also offer the facility to consult a physician if you don’t have a prescription. 

Benefits of Ayurveda in Liver Care

Ayurvedic liver care products offer multiple benefits to preserve your liver’s well-being. Apollo Pharmacy has the broadest range of authentic ayurvedic products that keep you healthy and provide various benefits. 

  • Improves digestion and appetite
  • Purifies blood and regulates blood sugar levels
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Treats fatty liver, anaemia, pitta disorders and gastric ulcers
  • Helps remove toxins from the body

Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Liver 

Certain foods can heat your liver and hamper its functioning. Here are the foods you must avoid if you have a weak liver:
Items rich in salt and sugar

  • Red meat 
  • Bread and other flour-based foods
  • Fatty foods like burgers, pizzas, and fries
  • Packaged foods like chips and cookies 

If you have certain food allergies, you must talk to a physician before consuming those items. Remember that an unhealthy diet can aggravate underlying conditions and affect your liver.   

How to Prevent Liver Diseases and Complications?

You need to adopt healthy habits and modify your lifestyle to prevent liver diseases. 


  • Avoid heavy alcohol and tobacco consumption 
  • Take ayurvedic liver care products following the prescribed doses
  • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight 
  • Maintain maximum cleanliness while eating food and drinking water 
  • Get the required vaccinations, such as vaccines for Hepatitis A and B 
  • If you’re getting a tattoo, ensure that the artist uses a clean and sterilized needle. 

Another excellent way to prevent liver diseases is to use the liver care ayurvedic products available online. 

Frequently asked questions

Which complications can liver care ayurvedic products address?

Our ayurvedic liver care products can help you keep your liver protected from diseases and complications, such as:

  • Digestive disorders and poor metabolism 
  • Low appetite 
  • Obesity and inflammation 
  • Anaemia, fatty liver, and hepatitis 
  • Liver cirrhosis and similar diseases 

Always consult a doctor before consuming any ayurvedic liver care medicine.

What precautions do you need to follow while using ayurvedic liver care products?

You have to follow some precautions while using liver care ayurvedic products to receive the best results. 

  • Consume the medication as per the mentioned dosage 
  • Cover the medicine tightly after every use 
  • Always check the label to understand the constituents 
  • Pregnant and nursing women require medical consultation

What are the signs of suffering from a weak liver?

If you are suffering from a weak liver, our liver care Ayurvedic products will be the ideal solution. However, you need to check out these symptoms before going ahead:

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Swelling in the abdomen, ankles, and legs 
  • Dark coloured urine 
  • Vomiting 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Nausea and extreme weakness 
  • Blood in stool 
  • Jaundice 

Does ayurvedic liver medication have side effects?

No, ayurvedic medicine for the liver doesn’t have any harmful side effects. But you need to keep factors like dosage, your diet, habits, and any pre-existing medical conditions in mind.
As Ayurveda aims to treat conditions internally, your lifestyle choices play a vital role in the medicine’s success.