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Get Sexual Wellness Products at the Best Price

As an adult, the most responsible way to indulge in an intimate activity with your partner is by using contraception and sexual wellness products. While physical contraception like condoms may feel irritating, it is the only way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). It would be wise not to skip contraception if you don’t have plans to expand your family.

Apollo Pharmacy has a large variety of sexual wellness products, performance enhancers, and accessories for adults. 
Sexual intercourse can be a painful experience for couples who lack natural lubrication. In such cases, performance enhancers such as lubricants can help make the experience enjoyable. 

Advantages of Using Performance Enhancers

While there are many performance-enhancing drugs, it is essential to choose topical solutions since sexual wellness products like lubricants do not necessarily change the body's internal composition. 
However, if you prefer performance-enhancing drugs, the Shilajit capsule is an excellent Ayurvedic performance enhancer that can help you with: 

  • Reducing the fatigue in muscles
  • Enhancing your endurance
  • Increase libido at times
  • Preventing joint pain 

The performance enhancers could be a topical spray, cream, or lubricant that desensitises the nerves within the penis. This can delay premature ejaculation and prolong sexual activity. 
Pharmaceutical companies are also trying to merge sexual wellness products with improved performance. Products like condoms already have lubricants that maintain muscle strength. 
Apollo Pharmacy has a wide range of sexual wellness products that are available to customers in different flavours, varieties, and numbers.

Is It Healthy to Use Performance Enhancers? 

Performance enhancers usually contain lidocaine, which is a topical solution. It does not enter your circulatory system, preventing any alteration to the internal composition of your body. Hence, it is safe to use. 
Additionally, a promescent spray is helpful for problems like premature ejaculation. Many individuals are allergic to drugs and other performance enhancers, making the spray a better alternative.     

Frequently asked questions

How to use performance enhancers?

Since performance enhancers are available in the form of spray, gel, lube, and lotion, you can take a small amount from the tube. You must apply it sometime before intercourse and allow it to dry. As far as application areas are concerned, you need to cover the penis, glands, and sensitive areas for best results. If you are using a spray, shake the bottle and apply at least 5 sprays. 

What is the correct quantity of lubricant to use?

The need for a lubricant during sexual intercourse is different for every individual. Initially, you can start with a pea-sized droplet and figure out what works the best for you.

How long does the effect of performance enhancers last?

On average, the sexual wellness products for enhancing performance can last up to an hour. However, it also depends on the spray or lubricant you apply to the area.

What are the risks involved in using performance enhancers?

The products are safe and do not involve any significant risks. However, some people are allergic to lubricants or certain flavours of lubricant lotion. Hence, you must make an informed decision while purchasing sexual wellness products and look for symptoms like rashes, itchiness, irritation, and swelling.