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Gain post-workout nutrition with Apollo Pharmacy

After every extensive workout, you might feel extreme muscle soreness and pain. This results from muscle strain and is why you need proper post-workout nutrition. You can understand this as the fundamental phenomenon behind muscle gain.

One of the most debated topics is the right time to have protein a shake. In such a scenario, it is essential to highlight the benefits of post-workout products such as glutamine formula and supplements. As the name suggests, a post-workout supplement is taken after a high-intensity workout.

The sole reason behind consuming post-workout supplements is to help your muscle regain lost energy without promoting unhealthy weight gain. There are several benefits of including a post-workout nutrition supplement, such as:

  • Improving the rate of muscle gain
  • Promoting healthy muscle growth
  • Reduce the fatigue and soreness in muscles
  • Improvement of stamina for further intensive sessions
  • Provide the right amount of hydration to muscles

Including post-workout nutrition in your diet

Apollo Pharmacy has a wide range of post-workout products that rebuild torn muscles and provide your body with adequate nutrients needed after each workout. These supplements are made with a unique formula to increase your recovery rate and enhance your performance at the gym.

While several supplements are available on the market, they might not have all the active ingredients mentioned on their label. You need to stay on the safer side and do your research before opting for any of these supplements.

Here are certain things you can do to make an informed decision:

  • Research the ingredients in post-workout supplements
  • Consult with your physical trainer about the right product
  • Observe the symptoms or changes in your body and report any unusual symptoms to your doctor
  • Avoid any post-workout nutrition formula that includes bulking agents

Composition of post-workout products

Knowing how each ingredient helps your fitness journey is essential in choosing the right post-workout supplements. Here are the ingredients you must look out for:

  • Caffeine: It is one of the best elements to boost energy levels and increase muscle endurance. Hence, having this in your supplement also reduces the constant need to consume coffee. 
  • Creatine: This is the main product responsible for producing energy in your body to support muscle contractions. The higher the creatine, the longer the muscle contractions will last. 
  • Nitric Oxides: One of the reasons for sore muscles is a lack of adequate blood supply in the vessels. Nitric oxide expands the space between your blood vessels and improves the blood circulation in your body. This also helps your muscles recover after a workout. 

Frequently asked questions

Do post-workout supplements have whey protein?

Yes. An excellent post-workout nutrition formula must contain whey protein because it has essential amino acids. Since these amino acids are responsible for building muscles, it also accelerates your body’s muscle repair process. Furthermore, it helps you manage your weight effectively because you gain a healthy appetite after consuming whey protein.

Do post-workout products help you gain muscles faster?

No. Post-workout products don't have any bulking agent. They only help in muscle repair and improve muscle fatigue. However, when you recover faster, you might be able to continue your workout regularly. Ultimately, you will end up gaining the desired number of muscles.

How is a post-workout supplement different from a pre-workout supplement?

While there is no significant difference between post-workout and pre-workout products, fitness enthusiasts use post-workout nutrition formulas to eliminate muscle soreness. This allows them to continue doing their daily activities without feeling tired the entire day. Also, there is no mandatory rule to consume proteins and nutrition supplements before or after a workout. The basic rule is to consume these around your workout sessions.

Do I still need to take daily protein after the post-workout supplements?

Yes. Daily protein intake is crucial when you are working out to build muscles and improve your stamina. These supplements cannot replace the protein in your diet, and you must continue to include protein-rich meals after each workout. Moreover, you need the required amount of protein for healthy muscle development.

Which food items are rich in protein?

Products like eggs, fish, chicken, and milk are rich in protein and can enhance your protein intake. If you are vegan, you can also try switching to plant-based protein.