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Vitamin A

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Purchase Vitamin A Supplements at Apollo Pharmacy 

Skincare today goes beyond just grooming products and creams. It includes consuming the right foods and maintaining a healthy diet that provides the essential nutrients to one's body and skin. One of the primary nutrients responsible for good skin is Vitamin A. It is what is known as a ‘retinoid.’ 
In fact, Vitamin A is the main component in some of the most effective skincare products, such as retinol creams. So, an excellent way to ensure that your skin is perfect is by incorporating Vitamin A supplements into your diet. 
Vitamin A is also required for the proper function and development of many body parts, including the eyes and the immune system. It is also used to treat HIV/AIDS, vision problems, infections, and various other ailments. 
Apollo Pharmacy stocks a variety of Vitamin A supplements, such as Vitamin A tablets and cod liver oil pills, among many others. All of them offer different concentrations of Vitamin A. Your doctor will prescribe you one of these options according to the degree of your deficiencies.

Reasons to take Vitamin A supplements

Consuming Vitamin A supplements allows for effective prevention or treatment of Vitamin A deficiencies. This is important as Vitamin A is a very potent and effective antioxidant. It also protects against various free radicals and may prevent many different forms of cancer.
Vitamin A tablets also prevent diseases such as measles and inflammatory bowel diseases. In addition, Vitamin A is good for treating white patches in the mouth caused by smoking. It also helps treat night blindness and even improves night vision and side vision. 
Lastly, consuming Vitamin A is a huge contributing factor in safe births in malnourished adults. It has also been proven effective in reducing mortality among children under 5. 

Incorporating Vitamin A into your diet

Vitamin A is a must in our diets since it ensures a healthier immune system and vision, and repairs skin damage. Here is a list of foods to consume for the right type of Vitamin A intake for a regular adult:
-Cheddar cheese
-Chicken liver (liver sausages or pate)
-Collard greens
-Fish (especially Cod and Salmon)
-Red and green peppers
-Sweet potatoes
-Winter squash
-Egg yolks

However, it is important to only consume recommended dosages of Vitamin A supplements and Vitamin A-rich foods. Otherwise, it can affect one's health negatively and be near fatal.

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