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Weighing machines - overview

A weight machine or weighing machine measures the accurate weight of an object or a person. It is most commonly used by sellers, manufacturers, shop owners, and retailers. A weighing machine measures the weight in varying units like milligrams, grams, and kilograms. Proper maintenance of a weighing scale is essential for its longevity and accuracy. Generally, digital weighing machines are preferable over analogue weighing machines as the former offers better performance and accuracy.

Which one to buy? Types of weighing scale to choose from

1. Digital weighing machine:

This may help to show your appropriate weight measurement. Some of the features of a digital weighing machine include:

Maintenance of records of your weighing history.
Detailed information about physiological measures such as calorie consumption and BMI, which may help to maintain proper body weight.
Numeric display of numbers on the SSD screen.

Factors to consider while buying a digital weighing machine:

Technology: look out for the tune, select the proper machine that may be tuned into the mobile application with digital weighing.
Weight capacity: the weight limit for grocery shops and other commercial applications should be 120-150 kgs.
Material: the glass in the digital weighing machine protects the SSD screen. Choose a digital weighing machine that is made of thick tempered glass for better protection.

2. BMI weighing machine:

BMI is a calculation that indicates the overall well-being and health of a person. An individual’s weight can be alarming if it is not kept in check. The BMI weighing machine helps keep the body mass index in check and provides accurate data.

Features to look for while buying a BMI-weighing machine:

Body mass index (BMI) weighing machines should be small, sleek in appearance, and easy to carry.
It should show details of skeletal muscles, metabolism, and fat content of the body.

3. Bluetooth weighing machine:

A Bluetooth weighing machine may help to record the data of your walk and other physical activities. It is automatically updated with the workout results and the total burnt calories.

Features to look for while buying a Bluetooth weighing machine:

Easily compatible across several domains, operating systems, and phone technologies.
Includes more storage space for the data.
Has a flat and sleek design, can fit across any room corner, and is easy to use.

4. Smart weighing machine:

There are several smartwatches and fitness trackers that help keep a check on the fitness level. It includes several sensors that evaluate heart rate and calorie levels in the blood.

Features to look for while buying a smart weighing machine:

Consider the weight and size as a lighter and smaller weighing scale is better and can be easily carried from one place to another.
Check if it can be easily connected to any mobile device for a smooth connection and easy data transfer.

Factors to consider while buying a weighing machine

Check the requirement, application and use of a weighing machine. You should know the purpose of buying a weighing machine and where it needs to be placed.
Always check the capacity of the machine. Proper space must be selected while buying a weighing machine.
Check for the accuracy, level of precision and readability of the weighing machine. Each application allows a readability range to ensure its accuracy.
Measure the area of the objects. The platform or floor case of the weighing machine should also be checked along with its size and placement.

Frequently asked questions

Is it important to calibrate weighing scales frequently?

A weighing scale should be calibrated once a week. Calibration can be measured in the standard units ranging from grams to kilograms.

Whom to contact for troubleshooting a weighing machine?

You should contact the manufacturer of your machine if you need any help regarding troubleshooting. Avoid contacting unauthorised dealers when you are unsure. Keep a troubleshooting manual handy and go through it before contacting your manufacturer.

Is a portable weighing machine a good option for measurement purposes?

Yes, it is most widely used in homes, travel and outdoor activities. The portable weighing machine is equipped with interesting features such as hanging balance, indicator sound, and auto power shut-off.

Can a weighing machine show wrong results?

Inaccuracy in weight measurement may result in faulty measurement. The accurate measurement of a weighing machine depends upon the scale, precision and resolution.

Can a weighing scale measure the body mass index (BMI)?

A smart weighing scale can measure your body mass index and other body metrics. However, the standard analogue and digital weighing scales cannot measure them.