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Get the Best Supplements for Women at Apollo Pharmacy

Dietary and medicinal supplements are revolutionary innovations that help you attain daily nutritional values. We at Apollo Pharmacy understand the need for women's optimum health and nutrition and offer the best supplements for health that rightfully cater to your body's nutrition requirements. We combine a diverse range of products into a single platform to ensure your well-being. Each supplement, like multivitamins, syrups, etc., has specific benefits and is essential to support your overall health and nutrition. 
Using these nutritional supplements daily or as per the doctor's advice can help boost your energy levels. Many women are often unable to meet adequate nutritional levels, which can lead to early ageing, weakness, and a few diseases that may arise from lack of nutrition. 

Advantages of Using Healthy Supplements

Several supplements for women provide folic acid/folate, which is helpful for all women who might get pregnant or are pregnant. They need 400-800 mcg of folic acid daily from dietary supplements. Maintaining folic acid balance is vital, even if you do not plan to get pregnant. 
Another common nutritional requirement is that of Vitamin B-12. This vitamin helps produce red blood cells (RBCs) and helps your neurons work correctly. Some women may not get adequate B-12, which is extremely important if you are:

  • Pregnant 
  • Vegetarian
  • 50 years or older

Having healthy supplements like Vitamin D helps reduce inflammation in your cells. It also helps your immune system fight off germs and chemicals that can make you sick. This supplement is mostly required by those women who do not get enough sunlight, are postmenopausal, obese, have had gastric bypass surgery, or have an inflammatory bowel disease.

Many women take calcium supplements for health and nutrition purposes. The presence of sufficient calcium levels in the body helps protect and build strong bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. If your body doesn’t have enough calcium, it is most likely to consume calcium from your bones, where it is most commonly stored. This may result in the weakening of bones and cause them to break easily. With the help of health supplements like iron, menstruating women can make up for all the iron lost during monthly cycles. These supplements are also helpful for pregnant women since they need more iron during pregnancy to supply sufficient blood to the growing newborn babies. 

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