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ASTHA-eX consists of some well-known herbs like Taleesapatra, Haridra, Vacha, Rasna, Yastimadhu, Bharangi, Pippali, Hingu, Vasa etc.USES OF...1. ASTHA-eX is helpful for BRONCHIAL ASTHMA and in relieving symptoms of bronchitis like wheezing and breathlessness.2. Provides relief from acute & chronic DUST ALLERGY, ALLERGIC RHINITIS, SINUSITIS, SNORING, EOSINOPHILIA, RUNNING NOSE, T.B.3. It is an effective solution for various chronic respiratory disorders. It provides relief from acute & chronic allergic symptoms like running nose,post-nasal drip, itchy eyes and itchy nose.4. ASTHA-eX is very helpful in clearing the flum contained in the lungs and also brings out water contained in sinus with in one week of its usage providing excellent relief.INDICATIONS/ CONTRA INDICATIONS:1. Patients with less severe problem and children (age 5 yrs. above) are advised to take ONE CAPSULE after meals on ALTERNATE DAYS.2. Patients with severe problem to take 1-2 CAPSULES a day after meals.3. Pregnant women are advised NOT TO TAKE THIS MEDICINE & ladies should not take this medicine during the menstrual period.4. Patients may continue usage of allopathic medicine (for 10-15 days) parallelly along with Astha-eX.DIET:1. Patients are advised to DRINK MORE WATER (preferably warm water).2. Avoid cold/frozen foods, milk, curd, butter milk, cold drinks, bottle gourd, cucumber and potatoes.3. Reduce spicy, salty, sour food like tomatoes, tamarind, and lemon etc."
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