Bio Papaya Scrub 85G

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  • It exfoliates dead skin and unclogs open pores.
  • Keeps the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
  • Lightens and brightens skin tone.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • Dissolve dead surface cells.

Bio Papaya Scrub, This Revitalizing Tan-Removal scrub is blended with pure papaya fruit to dissolve dead surface cells, unclog pore openings and smooth the way for clear skin to surface. Gentle refining action uncovers skin's natural brightness for a younger-looking complexion.

Papaya can act as a youth activator and natural exfoliator to revitalize skin without inflammation or irritation. Full of vitamins, minerals and photochemical, Papaya is a luscious tropical fruit known for its rejuvenating and healing benefits.

Net Quantity: 85gm


  1. Apply scrub and gently massage your skin with brisk circular movements concentrating on areas such as nose and chin for blackhead and whitehead removal.
  2. Avoid contact with eyes.
  3. Rinse and pat dry.
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