Bodyguard Self Defence Pepper Spray 12 gm
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Bodyguard Self Defence Pepper Spray 12 gm

Bodygard Self Defence Pepper Spray is a self defence pepper spray

Key Benefits/Uses:

  • Temporarily immobilises the attacker, inflaming the eyes, nose, throat and lungs
  • May cause temporary blindness and severe burning sensation on skin

Direction for use/Dosage:

  • Hold at arms length - minimum distance( 4ft)
  • Aim on attaker's face, spray and escape
  • Informed the police immediately

Safety Information:

  • Contents are dangerous: Keep away from children
  • Do not inhale expose to eyes & asthamitic patients
  • In an accidental exposure, do not rub effected area
  • Remove as much spray from skin as possible a paper napkin, absorbent cotton or dry handkerchief
  • Thoroughly wash affected area with water
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Bodyguard Self Defence Pepper Spray 12 gm
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