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Composition : DICLOFENAC-1% W/V
Dose Form : DROPS
Description : I-GESIC 5 ML DROPS
Route Of Administration : OPTHALMIC
Pack : 1


Drug Ingredient Information



Information for patients
Drug Information Diclofenac sodium contain 0.1% of the active ingredient diclofenac sodium. Diclofenac sodium is one of a group of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). NSAIDs reduce pain and inflammation. Diclofenac sodium are used •before eye surgery, to help keep the pupil open during surgery, or •after eye surgery or injury, to control pain and/or inflammation, •to reduce the symptoms, such as red, runny or itchy eyes associated with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (hayfever).
Drug Alert
Alert •you think you may be allergic to diclofenac sodium, aspirin or any other NSAIDs. •You are more than 6 months pregnant
Before Consuming the Medicine
Avoid Drug •you think you may be allergic to diclofenac sodium, aspirin or any other NSAIDs. •You are more than 6 months pregnant.
Drug Special Care •Do you have an eye infection? •Are you using any other eye drops? •Do you have any bleeding disorders? •Are pregnant or breast feeding? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, tell your doctor or pharmacist because Diclofenac sodium might not be the right medicine for you
Drug Drug Interactions Diclofenac sodium may interfere with other drugs you might be taking or using. Tell your doctor if you are taking any of these drugs. •Medicines to prevent your blood clotting. •Eye drops or ointment containing steroids such as hydrocortisone or betamethasone. Always tell your doctor or pharmacist about all the medicines you are taking. This means medicines you have bought yourself as well as medicines on prescription from your doctor
Drug Pregnancy Interaction
Drug Breast feeding Interaction
Drug Machinery Interaction Some people may have problems with their eyes such as blurred vision, while they are being treated with Diclofenac sodium . If you are affected, you should not drive or use machinery.
Drug More Information
How to take the Medicine
Consumption Info
Drug quanitty How often you use the drops, and how long you use them for, will be different depending on your condition.The dose will be on the pharmacist’s label.Check the label carefully.If you are not sure, ask your doctor or pharmacist.Instructions for using the eye drops are given at the end of this leaflet. These drops should not be used in children under 18 years old.
Drug Dose When Diclofenac sodium is being used during eye surgery the doctor will work out the correct dose. If you have been prescribed the drops to use at home the doctor will tell you how and when to use them. Always follow the doctor’s instructions carefully
Excess Drug Consumption If you use too much or if you accidentally swallow the eye drops, see your doctor at once or go to your nearest hospital casualty department. Take your medicine with you.
Forgot Drug Consumption If you miss a dose continue with the next dose as normal. Do not double the dose to make up for the one you missed.
Stop Drug Consumption
Possible Side Effects
General Information
Common Drug Side Effects •Allergic reactions in your eyes such as red, itching and swollen eyes and eyelids. •Other general allergic reaction symptoms such as rash, redness, itching, cough and runny or stuffy nose. •Eye pain. •A mild or moderate burning sensation and/or redness in the eyes. •Blurred vision immediately after using the eye drops. •Breathlessness and wheezing or other symptoms of asthma. •Unusual sensitivity to light. •Damage to cells on the surface of the cornea (the membrane covering the front of the eye), corneal thinning or ulcers that might result in loss of sight.
Rare Drug Side Effects
Very Rare Drug Side Effects
Drug Side Effects Symptoms
How to Store the Medicine
How to Store the Medicine Keep all medicines out of the reach and sight of children. Do not store above 25°C. The drops are sterile until the tab is removed. Do not use more than 28 days after opening the blister pack. Do not use the drops after the expiry date which is printed on the outside of the pack. If your doctor tells you to stop using Diclofenac sodium , please take any left back to your pharmacist to be destroyed. Only keep the drops if the doctor tells you to. Do not throw them away with your normal household water or waste. This will help to protect the environment.

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