Junior Horlicks 123 Stage 1 original Flavour Refill Pack 500g

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  • Health Drink that has nutrients to support immunity.
  • Clinically proven to make kids Taller, Stronger Sharper.
  • Can be consumed in cold format.
  • Age Group - 1 year to 3 year.
Save ₹20.00
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Junior Horlicks 123 Stage 1 Refill Pack 500gm: Junior Horlicks is specially created at Horlicks Nutrition academy custom-made with A-Z nutrients for helping height, weight brain development of growing children. This is manufactured by a unique process that helps make it easy to digest. That helps complete your child's A-Z nutrition' needs by providing iron, lodine, DHA, 100% Daily Quota of Nutrients2 everyday and other essential nutrients it's important for physical and mental development.
Nourishment Important to help keep the little ones active through the day, to play with their friends!

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