Kara Aloevera & Mint 10S

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  • Kara Refreshing Wipes instantly restores your skins purity and vitality.
  • Infused with the power of Aloe Vera and Mint Oil.
  • These wipes are very useful while traveling.
  • 100% alcohol-free.

Kara Aloe vera Mint wipes effectively remove dirt, excess oil and makeup from skin. It has soothing properties and natural cleansing agents for the skin. Each wipe is made from Viscose fiber that is 100% natural. It is pure, soft, and has high moisture absorption capacity. Free of alcohol and other harsh chemicals, each wipe is made by blending water and skin-friendly ingredients for lingering freshness to keep your beautiful on-the-go. This wipes unclog pores and cleanse the skin with every wipe, instantly boosting your senses.
Remove one wipe from the pack and gently rub it around your face and neck.
Be gentle around the eyes and make sure to not wipe your eyes.
Properly dispose of your wipe.
Reseal the pack to ensure freshness.

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