Medimix Ayurvedic Soap With 18 Hrebs 75gm

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Medimix is a traditional soap which is hand made by soap experts for centuries. This soap consists of 18 different kinds of herbs which are very effective on various ksin types and treats skin illnesses.Key Ingredients• Vanardraka• Nimba Twaak• Dharu Haridra• Coconut Oil• Other Hand Picked Herbs• Clinically Tested Color• Perfume and Matural OilsKey Features• 18 Different Herb types to enrich your skin.• Effective against Pimples and Acnes.• Body Odor and other Skin Infections.• Prickly Heat and very effective against skin diseases.Directions of Use• Effective for all skin types.• Use over wet body and lather.• After gently massaging rinse thoroughly.• Use the Medimix Soap daily for a healthy skin.
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