Mee Mee Breast Pump Feeding System Mm-80201

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Mee Mee breast pump is designed specially for modern day mothers who insist on feeding breast milk to their babies despite their hectic work schedule. Comfortable for mothers and safe for babies this electric breast pump is easy to operate. It conforms to FDA standard and is made from food grade materials. The unique double valve design of this Mee Mee feeding system allows repeated suction for creating more milk flow. Operated by batteries or the adapter provided this breast pump is quite discreet to use. Often it could be embarrassing and uncomfortable to feed your baby in public or while travelling. This electric breast pump comes handy in such situations and lets the mother store breast milk at convenience for later use. The Mee Mee feeding breast pump features a unique training cup that allows the mother to increase the suction speed thereby fastening the process of expressing milk. Its even possible to adjust the pressure with a built-in release button of this electric feeding pump. Being lightweight and portable you can easily carry this compact breast pump Mee Mee in your handbag especially during long journeys. A soft applicator pad allows comfortable suction while the electric mode saves you time and effort unlike the manual one. All components of this feeding pump that come in contact with human body or breast milk should be sterilised before use."
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