Mother’s Horlicks Vanilla Flavour Refill 500g

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  • Horlicks Original Refill suitable for nursing mothers.
  • Easy to digest and deliver which can improve the quality of breast milk.
  • Net Quantity of Refill: 500 grams.
  • Contains 27 vital nutrients which include choline, DHA, Vitamins minerals.

Mother's Horlicks Original Original has been specially created for Pregnant and breast feeding mothers at the Horlicks nutrition academy, using scientific knowledge and expertise.

Designed with 27 Vital Nutrients, including Choline DHA, Vitamins, Minerals and ideal quality protein, it provides essential nutrients proven to help in the all-round development of your baby.


  1. It's easy to digest. While post-delivery it can help improve the quantity of breast milk.
  2. It's a carefully crafted combination of wholesome ingredients with the classic flavour of malt.
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