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Composition : METHOXSALEN-0.75% W/V
Dose Form : LOTION
Description : OCTAMOP 30ML LOTION
Route Of Administration : TOPICAL
Pack : 1

Drug Ingredient Information



Information for patients
Drug Information Severe psoriasis Repigmentation of vitiliginous areas
Drug Alert
Alert no data available
Before Consuming the Medicine
Avoid Drug Diseases associated with light sensitivity e.g. porphyria. Aphakia, melanoma or a history of melanoma, invasive squamous cell carcinoma. PUVA therapy in children.
Drug Special Care Certain photosensitivity disorders. Hepatic impairment. Do not sunbathe for 24 hr before and 48 hr after PUVA treatment. Avoid exposure to sunlight for at least 8 hr after admin and patient should wear wrap-around UVA absorbing glasses for 24 hr after admin. Shield male genitalia during PUVA therapy unless specific treatment is required. Perform ophthalmic exam prior to therapy and at regular intervals thereafter, especially in those at increased risk of cataracts. Regularly examine patients for signs of premalignant or malignant skin lesions. Pregnancy and lactation.
Drug Drug Interactions Additive effects with drugs known to cause photosensitisation e.g. anthralin, coal tar or derivatives, griseofulvin, phenothiazines, nalidixic acid, sulfonamides., tetracyclines and thiazide diuretics. May increase the levels/effects of aminophylline, fluvoxamine, mexiletine, mirtazapine, ropinirole, theophylline, trifluoperazine, dexmedetomidine and ifosfamide
Drug Pregnancy Interaction Category C: Either studies in animals have revealed adverse effects on the foetus (teratogenic or embryocidal or other) and there are no controlled studies in women or studies in women and animals are not available. Drugs should be given only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the foetus.
Drug Breast feeding Interaction no data available
Drug Machinery Interaction no data available
Drug More Information Food containing photosensitisers e.g. figs, limes, parsley, mustard, carrots, cloves, lemon, celery may potentiate its effects. Absorption and serum concentrations appear to increase with food.
How to take the Medicine
Consumption Info no data available
Drug quanitty Severe psoriasis Adult: Apply a 0.15% preparation (or diluted to 0.015%) if necessary onto affected skin areas 15 min before UVA exposure. Alternatively, patient may take a whole body bath in methoxsalen solution (2.6 mg/l or up to 3.7 mg/l) followed by immediate UVA exposure. For treating affected areas, immerse the affected areas for 15 min into 3 mg/l solution of hand and foot soaks followed by a 30-min delay before UVA exposure twice a wk. Repigmentation of vitiliginous areas Adult: Apply a 1% solution which is usually diluted to 0.1-0.01% (to avoid adverse effects) to the lesions; expose to UVA immediately after application or wait up to 2 hr. Area surrounding the lesion should be protected with a sunscreen. Wash and protect lesions from light after treatment; protection may be up to =48 hr. Treatment is usually repeated once a wk. Substantial repigmentation usually requires 6-9 mth of treatment.
Drug Dose Should be taken with food.
Excess Drug Consumption Nausea and severe burns. Management: In acute oral intoxication, induction of emesis is beneficial within the first 2-3 hr of ingestion. Follow accepted treatment of severe burns. Keep room darkened until reaction subsides (=8-24 hr).
Forgot Drug Consumption Contact Your doctor
Stop Drug Consumption Do not stop the drug untill your doctor says you to do so.
Possible Side Effects
General Information no data available
Common Drug Side Effects Nausea, insomnia, depression, nervousness. Photochemotherapy or PUVA may cause pruritus, mild transient erythema, oedema, dizziness, headache, vesiculation, bulla formation, acneiform eruption, severe skin pain; pigmentation alterations of skin or nails, onycholysis. Hypersensitivity reactions e.g. fever, bronchoconstriction, contact dermatitis. Potentially Fatal: Increased risk of skin cancers e.g. squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma. Isolated reports of leukaemia.
Rare Drug Side Effects no data available
Very Rare Drug Side Effects no data available
Drug Side Effects Symptoms no data available
How to Store the Medicine
How to Store the Medicine Store in a cool and dry place.

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