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Amrut Adulsa Compound, 110 ml

Amrut Adulsa Compound, 110 ml



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Amrut Adulsa cough syrup is an Ayurvedic remedy suitable for individuals of all age ranges, from infants to adults. It offers a harmless solution for different types of cough, be it wet, dry, smoker's cough, or even asthmatic cough. Its formulation brings together various potent Ayurvedic components, each contributing towards enhancing the remedy's effects. The syrup delivers soothing relief to your throat and aids normal breathing by decreasing spasms, making it a reliable option for those seeking non-chemical cough solutions. 

The best part about Amrut Adulsa cough syrup is its safety; it's reported to be free from any side effects. So, if you're looking for a natural, safe, and effective way to address persistent cough issues, this Ayurvedic preparation can be worth considering.


  • Composed of 11 herbal components
  • Specially formulated Ayurvedic remedy
  • Suitable for consumption across all ages
  • Zero side effects
  • Safe for long term use

Key Benefits

  • Free from chemicals: As an Ayurvedic remedy, the Amrut Adulsa cough syrup provides a non-invasive solution for all age groups. The absence of chemicals makes this remedy ideal when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your loved ones.
  • Eases all types of coughs: Whether it's a wet or dry cough associated with smoking or asthma, this cough syrup has been proven effective. The unique blend of ingredients works together to soothe irritation and alleviate discomfort, facilitating easier breathing.
  • Soothing effect: One notable benefit of the Amrut Adulsa cough syrup is its soothing effect on the throat. It reduces spasms, lessening the severity and frequency of your coughing bouts. This soothing effect aids in ensuring normal breathing patterns, which can be particularly beneficial during sleep or physical activities.
  • Promotes normal breathing: Regular intake of this syrup can help maintain regular breathing patterns. It helps clear up the respiratory tract, making it easier to breathe.
  • Natural composition: The Amrut Adulsa cough syrup consists of a variety of medicinal plants, including vasa, yasti, tulasi, madhurika, sunthi, haritaki, kantakari, bhutika, dhataki, pudina, and karpura. These ingredients are known for their various health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties and immune system support.

Directions for Use

  • For children, administer one teaspoon full (5 ml) 3 to 4 times daily.
  • Adults can take one to two teaspoons full 3 to 4 times daily.
  • Always remember to shake well before use.

Safety Information

  • The Amrut Adulsa cough syrup is an Ayurvedic formulation, and it is absolutely free from any side effects when used as directed.


Q1. Does Amrut Adulsa cough syrup cause drowsiness?

Ans. Amrut Adulsa cough syrup does not typically cause drowsiness. However, individual responses may vary, so it is advisable to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery if you experience drowsiness after taking the syrup.

Q2. Can I take Amrut Adulsa cough syrup with food or on an empty stomach?

Ans. Amrut Adulsa cough syrup can be taken with or without food, according to personal preference.

Q3. How long should I use the syrup to see results?

Ans. The time to see results may vary across individuals depending on the severity and type of the cough. It's advisable to use it as directed until symptoms subside.

Q4. Can I take Amrut Adulsa cough syrup if I have a chronic medical condition?

Ans. Individuals with chronic medical conditions should consult their healthcare provider before using Amrut Adulsa cough syrup to ensure compatibility with their condition and other medications.

Q5. Is it safe to use this syrup with other medications?

Ans. While Amrut Adulsa cough syrup is generally safe to use, it's always best to discuss with your healthcare provider if you're on other medications to avoid any potential interactions.


'Amrut Adulsa cough syrup has been a lifesaver during the winter season for my family and me. It's gentle on the throat and works effectively.' - Reema Kapoor, Homemaker, 42

'My asthmatic cough has been under control since I started using this product. I appreciate the natural ingredients and the fact that it's free from side effects.' - Sridhar Ranjan, IT Professional, 36

'As a smoker, I often struggle with persistent coughs. This cough syrup has helped manage my symptoms better than anything else I've tried.' - Aksi Nayar, Graphic Designer, 29

Key Ingredients

Vasa, Yasti, Tulasi, Madhurika, Sunthi, Haritaki, Kantakari, Bhutika, Dhataki, Pudina, Karpura.

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Amrut Nagar, Pipe Line Road, Hindalga, Belgaum - 591108, Karnataka, India
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