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Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil, 100 ml

Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil, 100 ml

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The Himalaya anti dandruff hair oil is a practical and effective solution for tackling dandruff issues. This herbal oil has a non-sticky texture, making it comfortable to use regularly. Himalaya hair oil contains natural extracts such as Tea Tree Oil, Neem, and Rosemary in this hair oil which are known to fight off dandruff and keep your scalp clean and healthy.

This makes the Himalaya anti-dandruff hair oil suitable for both men and women. The product is packaged in a 200ml bottle, making it easy to apply with the included comb applicator. Plus, it's alcohol-free and paraben-free, meaning it's gentle on your scalp and safe to use. It also leaves a refreshing scent of tea tree and rosemary after application.


  • Herbal formulation with tea tree oil, neem, and rosemary
  • Non-sticky consistency
  • Suitable for both genders
  • Paraben-free and alcohol-free composition
  • Comes with a comb applicator

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates Dandruff:Himalaya hair oil is crafted to combat dandruff effectively. By attacking the root cause, it aids in the maintenance of a healthy and clean scalp, promoting hair growth.
  • Nourishes Scalp: Enriched with natural extracts like neem, hymaraka and rosemary, Himalaya anti dandruff hair oil assists in cleansing the scalp, preventing infections and soothing itchiness.
  • Promotes Long-lasting Dandruff Control:Himalaya hair oil's potent antifungal properties ensure prolonged relief from dandruff. Regular use of this Himalaya anti-dandruff hair oil help to maintain a flake-free scalp.
  • Nurtures Hair Health: The infusion of tea tree oil soothes the scalp while amla and lemon extracts nourish the hair. These ingredients synergise to result in stronger, healthier and more vibrant hair.

Directions for Use

  • Take a sufficient amount of Himalaya anti dandruff hair oil in your palm.
  • Using the comb applicator, apply the oil directly to the scalp.
  • Massage gently with your fingertips for a few minutes to ensure proper absorption.
  • Leave the oil on overnight or for at least 1 hour before washing your hair.
  • For best results, use regularly.

Safety Information

  • The Himalaya anti-dandruff hair oil is safe for external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Discontinue use if any irritation or allergic reaction occurs.


Q1. Is the Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil suitable for all hair types?

Ans. Yes, the Himalaya anti dandruff hair oil is suitable for all hair types, making it a versatile solution for dandruff issues.

Q2. Can children use this hair oil?

Ans. Yes, the Himalaya hair oil is suitable for children as it is free from harmful chemicals and is gentle on the scalp.

Q3. How often should I use this hair oil?

Ans. It is recommended to use the Himalaya anti-dandruff hair oil at least twice a week for best results.

Q4. Does this oil have a strong fragrance?

Ans. The Himalaya anti dandruff hair oil offers a refreshing scent of tea tree and rosemary after application.=

Q5. Can I apply this hair oil on wet hair?

Ans. It is recommended to apply the Himalaya anti dandruff hair oil on dry hair for better absorption.


'I have been using the Himalaya anti dandruff hair oil for a few weeks now, and I am amazed at the results. The dandruff has significantly reduced, and my scalp feels healthy and itch-free. Highly recommended!'- Sangeeta Thakur, Engineer, 40

'This hair oil has been a game-changer for me. I had been struggling with dandruff for years, but after using the Himalaya hair oil, my scalp is finally dandruff-free. I love how it nourishes my hair as well!'- Rajesh Pancholi, Businessman, 35

'I have tried several anti-dandruff products, but none of them worked as effectively as the Himalaya anti-dandruff hair oil. It not only removed dandruff but also made my hair stronger and healthier. I'm really happy with the results.'- Anna Thomas, Teacher, 28

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The Himalaya Drug Company, Makali, Tumkur Road, Bangalore 562123.
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