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Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil, 200 ml

Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil, 200 ml



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The Himalaya Anti Hair Oil is a natural remedy, aiding in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. This anti-hair fall oil features a combination of Ayurvedic herbs and oils that have been traditionally used to promote healthy hair. The formula contains bhringraja and amla, well known for their beneficial influences on hair health. Regular use of this oil ensures nourishment of the scalp, improvement of hair texture, and promotion of healthy hair growth, keeping your hair healthy and strong. The specially designed applicator ensures deep penetration of this non-sticky oil onto the scalp.

With its key ingredients like bhringaraja, amalak (amla), methi, and nimba (neem), this oil helps to strengthen hair roots, nourish the hair, promote hair growth, and prevent dandruff and other scalp infections.


  • Made from a blend of Ayurvedic herbs and oils
  • Anti-hair fall formula
  • Specially designed spill proof applicator
  • Non-greasy composition
  • Suitable for all hair types

Key Benefits

  • Reduces hair fall: The combination of key ingredients like bhringaraja and amla in Himalaya Anti Hair Oil helps strengthen hair roots, preventing hair fall. Regular use can significantly reduce hair fall, promoting healthier and thicker hair.
  • Hair growth promotion: The presence of bhringaraja, methi, and amla in Himalaya Hair Oil stimulates hair growth by nourishing the scalp and hair follicles. This encourages the development of new, strong strands, contributing to increased hair volume over time.
  • Nourishment and moisturisation: The natural oils and herbs in the formula, such as neem and arishtaka, provide essential nutrients to the scalp. This nourishment improves overall scalp health, ensuring a healthy environment for hair growth and preventing dryness or flakiness.
  • Reduces dandruff: The antimicrobial properties of neem in Himalaya Anti Hair Oil play a crucial role in reducing dandruff. Regular application helps control the growth of dandruff-causing microorganisms, promoting a cleaner and healthier scalp.
  • Prevents and treats scalp infections: The presence of arishtaka and neem in Himalaya Hair Oil contributes to preventing and treating scalp infections. Arishtaka possesses natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, protecting against various scalp infections and ensuring a balanced and infection-free scalp environment.

Directions for Use

  • Remove the transparent cap from Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil.
  • Apply oil directly from the spill-proof applicator onto the scalp.
  • Gently massage the hair oil into the scalp and hair.

Safety Information

  • This oil is only made for external use. Avoid contact with eyes.
  • In case of any allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.


Q1. Is it necessary to massage Himalaya Hair Oil into the scalp, or can it be applied to the hair only?

Ans. Yes, massaging the oil into the scalp enhances blood circulation and absorption, promoting better results. Ensure even distribution from roots to tips for improved effectiveness.

Q2. How long should I leave Himalaya Anti Hair Oil on my scalp for best results?

Ans. For best results, leave the oil on your scalp for at least 60 minutes before washing it. For a more intensive treatment, you can leave it on overnight and wash it in the next morning.

Q3. Can I use Himalaya Hair Oil with other hair care products?

Ans. Yes, it can be used along with other Himalaya hair care products or your regular hair care routine. However, performing a patch test when combined with new products is advisable.

Q4. Can I use this Himalaya anti hair fall oil on coloured or chemically treated hair?

Ans. Yes, you can use this oil on coloured or chemically treated hair. The gentle and natural formulation of the oil is suitable for all hair types, providing nourishment and promoting hair health.

Q5. Can I apply Himalaya Anti Hair Oil on wet hair?

Ans. It is recommended to apply the oil on dry hair for better absorption. Wet hair may reduce the effectiveness of the oil. Ensure your hair is completely dry before application to maximise the benefits.


'I have been using Himalaya anti-hair fall oil for a month now, and I can already see a reduction in my hair fall. My hair feels healthier and stronger.' - Roshan Gogoi, Businessman, 42

'I was struggling with excessive hair fall, but after using Himalaya Hair Oil for a few weeks, I noticed a significant decrease in hair fall. I'm impressed with the results.' - Tanvi Borah, Homemaker, 35

'I have always had thin and weak hair, but after using this Himalaya anti hair fall oil regularly, my hair has become thicker and more voluminous. I highly recommend it.' - Harini Shinde, Banker, 28

Key Ingredients

Bhringaraja and Amalaki.

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Manufacturer/Marketer address

The Himalaya Drug Company, Makali, Tumkur Road, Bangalore 562123.
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