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Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereal with Milk Wheat Apple Cherry (From 8 to 24 Months) Powder, 350 gm Refill Pack

Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereal with Milk Wheat Apple Cherry (From 8 to 24 Months) Powder, 350 gm Refill Pack



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Nestle Cerelac baby cereal with milk wheat apple cherry powder is a stage-two food product designed to complement the nutritional needs of babies, specifically for those aged between 8 months to 24 months. This Cerelac for 8 Month Baby aids in providing a balanced diet as it contains the goodness of cereals, milk and fruits. Given that youngsters have higher nutritional requirements than adults, two servings of Cerelac Stage 2 can meet 37% of a baby's daily iron requirement. Cerelac 8 Months also packs in 14 critical nutrients, including beneficial vitamins and minerals. Notably, the presence of vitamins A, C and zinc in this Cerelac for 8 Months Baby aids in supporting normal immune system function. Cerelac 8 aligns with Nestle's tradition of developing infant nutrition products underpinned by ongoing scientific research.


  • Suitable for 8 to 24 months babies
  • Provides 37% of a baby's daily iron requirement in 2 servings
  • Source of 14 vital nutrients including vitamins and minerals
  • Undergoes 47 quality checks

Uses of Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereal with Milk Wheat Apple Cherry (From 8 to 24 Months) Powder, 350 gm Refill Pack

Baby Cereal

Key Benefits

  • Iron-rich formula: Cerelac Stage 2 is specifically designed to fulfil the nutritional needs of a growing baby. With two servings providing 37% of a baby's daily iron need, it helps in the healthy development of your baby.
  • Nutrient-dense: Cerelac for 8 Month Baby is packed with 14 essential nutrients. From vitamins to minerals, this cereal ensures your infant is getting all the necessary nutrients for their growth and development.
  • Boosts immunity: One crucial aspect of Cerelac for 8 Months Baby is the inclusion of vitamins A, C, and zinc. This combination not only supports the normal functioning of the immune system but also aids in keeping diseases at bay.
  • Easy digestion: The presence of resultant wheat flour and rice flour in Cerelac 8 Months makes it easy for your little one to digest. This careful selection of ingredients ensures that your baby receives nutrition without straining their developing digestive systems.
  • Natural ingredients: The Cerelac 8 cereal comes with the wholesome goodness of milk, fruits such as apple and cherry puree, and various cereals. These natural ingredients contribute to a well-balanced diet for your child.
  • Protein-packed: The addition of milk solids in its composition makes this Cerelac Stage 2 cereal rich in protein, an essential component for muscle growth and repair in your growing baby. This ensures that your little one's physical development is on the right track.

Directions for Use

  • Wash and dry your hands before preparing baby’s food. Make sure all utensils are thoroughly clean.
  • Boil clean drinking water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool until lukewarm. Measure the quantity of water as mentioned on the table and pour it into the baby's bowl.
  • Add the number of scoops of Cerelac Stage 2 as mentioned in the table.
  • Stir until the cereal is smooth and feed immediately using a clean spoon.
  • Start with 1 level scoop (8.3 g) of Cerelac Stage 2 mixed with 5-6 teaspoons of previously boiled warm water. Gradually increase quantities till your baby accepts a feed as indicated in the table.


Wheat Apple Cherry


8 to 12 Months

Safety Information

  • Feed only to a seated and supervised child.
  • Instant food shall be introduced only after the age of six months and up to the age of two years.
  • Careful and hygienic preparation of infant food is most essential for health.
  • Do not use fewer scoops than directed since diluted feeding will not provide adequate nutrients needed by your infant.
  • Do not use more scoops than directed since concentrated feed will not provide the water needed by your infant.
  • Infant food shall be used only on the advice of a health worker as to the need for its use and the proper method of its use.
  • Infant food is not the sole source of nourishment of an infant.
  • Boiled and cooled water shall be used to prepare this product and any leftover product must be discarded to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Use prepared feed within half an hour otherwise microbial deterioration may set in.
  • Discard unused feed.
  • The scoop provided with this pack should be thoroughly washed and dried before use.
  • After opening this pack, the contents should immediately be transferred to an empty, clean, dry and airtight container.
  • After each use, replace lid tightly & store in a cool a dry place.
  • After opening use the contents within 3 weeks or the use by date whichever is earlier.
  • Store unopened pack in a cool & dry place.
  • Allergens: Contains milk, wheat and barley. May contain oats.


Q1. What are the benefits of feeding Cerelac 8 to my baby?

Ans. Cerelac 8 is rich in protein and 14 vital nutrients, which are essential for your baby's overall growth and development. Moreover, it contains vitamin A, C and zinc that support an infant’s normal immune system function.

Q2. Can Cerelac 8 Months be used as a complete meal replacement?

Ans. No, Cerelac 8 Months is not typically recommended as a complete meal replacement. While it provides essential nutrients, it's best used as part of a balanced diet, supplemented with other foods to ensure your baby receives all necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development.

Q3. Is Cerelac for 8 Months Baby safe to consume?

Ans. Yes, Cerelac for 8 Months Baby is generally safe as it's formulated to meet their nutritional needs. However, consult with a doctor before introducing new foods to babies with specific dietary concerns or allergies.

Q4. Is Cerelac Stage 2 suitable for vegetarians?

Ans. Yes, Cerelac Stage 2 is typically suitable for vegetarians as it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. It provides a nutritious option for vegetarian infants to support their growth and development.

Q5. How does Cerelac for 8 Month Baby contribute to my child's daily nutritional needs?

Ans. Two serves of Cerelac for 8 Month Baby provide 37% of your baby’s daily iron needs. It also includes 14 important nutrients including vitamins and minerals.


'I've seen such a positive change in my daughter's health since incorporating Cerelac 8 into her diet. I'm impressed.' - Vidya Sen, Software Engineer, 32

'My son absolutely loves the taste of Cerelac for 8 Month Baby! It's a relief knowing he's getting so many vital nutrients in his diet.' - Rajat Mehta, Banker, 34

'Choosing Cerelac for 8 Months Baby was one of the best decisions I've made. She eats it happily and it gives her plenty of energy throughout the day.' - Ganga Naidu, Homemaker, 29

Key Ingredients

Wheat flour (Atta) (38.9%), Milk based mix (Milk solids (31.8%) and Sugar), Apple juice concentrate (8%), Sugar, Milk solids (5.1%), Soyabean oil, Cereal corn mix flakes (Corn flour (3.1%), Sugar, Malt extract, Mineral* and Antioxidant (alpha-tocopherol)), Cherry rice flakes (Cherry puree (0.7%), Maltodextrin, Starch, Sugar and Rice flour (0.05%)), Minerals* and Vitamins#. *Minerals: Calcium carbonate, Sodium chloride, Electrolytic iron, Zinc sulphate and Cupric sulphate. #Vitamins: Sodium ascorbate, Nicotinamide, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, Calcium pantothenate, Thiamine mononitrate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Retinyl acetate, Riboflavin, Folic acid, Ergocalciferol and d-Biotin. Carriers: Maltodextrin and Glucose syrup

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100/101, World Trade Centre, Barakhamba Lane, New Delhi - 110 001.
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