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Ponds Sandal Radiance Talc Powder, 50 gm



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Immerse in the fragrance of Ponds Sandal Radiance Talcum Powder and feel fresh for a long time. It glides effortlessly on the skin and gives a clean feeling on summer days. It has a subtle sandalwood fragrance that keeps away body odors.

Uses of Ponds Sandal Radiance Talc Powder, 50 gm

Skin Care

Key Benefits

  • Sandal talc keeps you smelling fresh and the skin radiant.
  • Loaded with natural sunscreens and the goodness of sandalwood.
  • Reduces sweating so you feel clean.
  • Ideal for daily use.

Directions for Use

  • Sprinkle some talcum powder onto your palms or puff and apply it to your body.
  • Use it before stepping out in the sun to stay fresh and smelling great.

Safety Information

  • Avoid pouring the powder directly near your nostrils and eyes.
  • For external use only.
  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

Key Ingredients

Hydrated Magnesium Silicate, Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide.


All Skin Types

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Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Unilever House, B D Sawant Marg, Chakala Andheri East - 400099

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50 gm Powder in 1 Bottle