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Adult Diapers

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Get diapers for adults – Available in all sizes 

Terminal illness in adults can affect the quality of life by causing urinary incontinence and loss of rectal muscle control. In such situations, adult diapers play a significant role in hygiene and for convenience. Nearly 70% of older adults suffering from chronic illnesses consider home care, making adult diapers essential to their daily routine. Problems like strong medications, diabetic drugs, significant surgeries, cognitive impairment, and strokes can affect the urinary and rectal nerves. Such individuals will be unable to control the urge to urinate or defecate. Diaper pants for adults are simple products that can assist in such conditions, just like a walking stick helps one improve mobility.  Additionally, some adults may require diaper pants temporarily. For example, one can use diapers for adults to avoid accidents at night when the bathroom is not close by. However, many bedridden adults wear adult diapers permanently because of the severity of their problem. 

Benefits of buying adult diaper pants

One of the most common reasons for buying adult diapers is surgery. These personal hygiene products support you while you recover from a medical condition or procedure that restricts your movement. These diaper pants come in handy as you are immobile and recovering from a treatment or surgery. Furthermore, diaper pants for adults maintain hygiene and prevents the individual from catching any infection. But diaper pants for adults are not just for sick and recovering patients but also those in a permanent vegetative state due to severe injuries or people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Buying adult diaper pants of all sizes

Apollo Pharmacy has various diaper pants for adults to choose from. These are available in different sizes and packs as per your requirement. Here are some pointers to consider before buying diapers for adults: 
-It is essential to choose the right size for a comfortable fitting
-If you need adult diapers for short-term use, you can select a smaller pack
-Diaper pants for adults are different from maternity pads, and you must choose the latter if you are pregnant 
-Look for adult diaper pants that are extra absorbent and can maintain hygiene for a long time 
-Don’t compromise on the elasticity of the diaper pants as that will ease your movement
-Choose diaper pants that are soft and can keep you comfortable for long

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