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Check Out the Best Sexual Wellness Products at Apollo Pharmacy

Although there is still a stigma surrounding sexual wellness, it is crucial to realise that sexual health is of utmost importance. Sexual wellness is synonymous with self-care, and awareness about it leads to safer sex practices.

Thankfully, the market now offers more sexual wellness products than ever to ensure safe and risk-free intercourse. Apollo Pharmacy helps people find several sexual health products that suit their needs. Using protection products such as condoms and lubricants not only safeguards your sexual well-being but also improves the overall experience.

Visit the Apollo Pharmacy platform to order these products in the comfort of your home. With the fastest pan-India delivery services, it facilitates easy access to these crucial products and creates awareness about sexual wellness.

Through its diverse range of the best sexual wellness products available on a unified platform, we ensure that all your sexual wellness needs are met and fulfilled with just a few clicks.

Different Types of Sexual Health Products to Practise Safe Sex

Although it may take some time to realise that sexual health is an integral part of everyone’s lives, there has been a significant change in the younger generation’s mindset. Gen Z is relatively open and comfortable with talking about sex and pleasure, which has led to the expansion of the booming sexual wellness market. Reconsider your reservations and enhance your sexual health and experiences by opting for various sexual health products.

Here are different types of sexual wellness products for both genders to enhance sexual pleasure and comfort.
1. Condoms
A condom is a protective barrier made of a thin latex or polyurethane tube. It is worn during sexual intercourse by either males or females.

Condoms used by both genders are different, such as external or male condoms and internal or female condoms. They help individuals prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect against sexual diseases like STDs or STIs.

2. Lubricants

A lubricant is a liquid or a gel applied to intimate areas to reduce friction, which can cause unnecessary discomfort and inflammation. Sexual intercourse without enough lubrication can damage the skin and vaginal walls. These products help eliminate dryness and ease the sexual experience.

3. Sexual Wellness Supplements
Sexual wellness supplements come in different forms, such as capsules, tablets, or liquids. These supplements can replenish the mineral deficits in the body, which helps people to regain their optimal sex drive.

Perks of Using Sexual Wellness Products for a Healthier Sex Life

Every person wants their sexual life to be healthy and exciting. However, many people fear using sexual health products and are unaware of their benefits. Sexual wellness supplements for men and protection products have many health benefits. With the help of these products, you can experience healthy and safe sexual relations.

Some of the perks of using the best sexual wellness products are:

  • Improve your sex drive or libido
  • Help in boosting stamina and energy
  • Support experiencing stronger and more intense orgasms
  • Enhance immunity and sexual satisfaction
  • Increase blood flow and help maintain an erection
  • Condoms reduce the risk of pregnancy and protect against STDs
  • Promote enhanced overall strength and better health

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to reuse condoms?

Condoms are thin barriers made from latex or rubber that are used by men or women during sexual intercourse. Washing or reusing them can lower their effectiveness and usability. Trying to use a condom more than once can cause breakage or leakage, which lowers its protective effect.

Can lubricants help to alleviate pain due to dryness?

Yes, lubricants are available in the market to alleviate dryness during sex. Some individuals who experience inflammation or pain due to excessive dryness can use lubes for a painless sexual experience. Lubricants help to moisten the skin in intimate areas and prevent undue friction during sex.

What is the difference between lubricated and non-lubricated condoms?

Lubricated condoms come with a coat of lube that helps reduce friction during sex. Non-lubricated condoms do not have a coat of lube on them. You can use over-the-counter lubricants to alleviate dryness with any condom.

However, it is recommended to use water-based lubricants with latex condoms as oil can break down the latex rubber used for condoms.

Are there any risks of using condoms?

Condoms are usually stretchable and built with sturdy materials but may split or tear if not put on correctly. It is always better to practise putting them on so that you do not accidentally break them. Some people may be allergic to latex, plastic or spermicides. Therefore, it is recommended to use reliable sexual wellness products like condoms that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

How do condoms break?

Condoms can often break if they come into contact with sharp objects like jewellery, piercings, teeth, or fingernails. They can also rip if you do not use adequate lubrication, which can cause friction due to dryness.

However, the good news is that when a condom breaks, you will know it. You will notice a sudden change in sensation due to the tear in the condom.