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Get Top Baby Cereals at Affordable Prices on Apollo Pharmacy

After a baby turns six months old, choosing nutritious solid food becomes crucial. Such foods should be tasty and contain all the necessary elements for your baby’s fast growth. For most parents, baby cereals are a common choice as they are fortified with vital nutrients. A high-quality cereal for baby growth contains minerals and vitamins in varying proportions. Hence, you can choose more than one baby cereal with milk as a regular part of your child’s
feeding routine. Apollo Pharmacy has a comprehensive inventory that contains only reputed infant cereal brands. These come in different flavors and formulas to aid your child’s swift physical and mental growth.

The Significance of Baby Cereals   

Baby cereal with milk can be an ideal first food for a toddler. This product is generally made from one of the following ingredients:
- Rice
- Barley
- Mixed grains
- Oats

The best baby cereal product comes in apple, banana, and strawberry flavours. However, the taste isn’t the only positive aspect of choosing cereal for baby as the first food.

There are valid reasons that prove vital to benefit from using baby cereals:
- Excellent Source of Iron: Most baby cereal products contain iron, which is critical for
brain development
- Beneficial vitamins and minerals: An infant cereal also has nutrients like zinc,
calcium, vitamins B and C
- Aids Proper Digestion: Baby cereals are mushy and can adapt to different
consistency, thereby aiding good digestive function
- The taste factor: Baby cereal with milk is a tasty food to introduce as a first-time

Thus, cereals can be an excellent choice for your child’s solid food diet. You can alter the thickness of these food items by varying the proportion of milk.

Auxiliary Foods Along with Baby Cereals

As your toddler grows, you should introduce other solid foods for proper physical and psychological development. This way, you can gradually shift from cereals to other sources of nutrients. After crossing the crucial age of six months, you can introduce the following foods to your baby:
- Pureed fruits like bananas, peaches, and avocados
- Mashed tofu
- Crushed pieces of bread
- Mashed chicken
- Crushed vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots
Compliment the best baby cereal with these options for a well-balanced diet.

Frequently asked questions

How to make the taste of baby cereals better?

Variety is the key to making an infant cereal taste good. To do so, you can add squashed fruits like applesauce or sweet potato puree to the mixture. A combination of banana puree and carrot baby food can also be delicious. These days, you can buy the best baby cereal that already has a combination of such flavors.

Which is the ideal cereal for baby?

In reality, there is no ‘ideal’ cereal that you can offer to a baby. As different babies have unique taste requirements, you need to experiment with some baby cereals initially. Having said that, oat or multigrain cereals are popular choices for taste and nutritional value. It also suits the baby’s sensitive digestive system.

What should be the frequency of feeding infant cereal to my child?

Initially, you should introduce baby cereal with milk once a day. Augment the frequency to two or three times daily. Note that you should ideally feed solid foods like cereal after your child turns at least six months old. Consult a reliable dietician to increase the amount of baby cereal correctly.

What should I look for when choosing the best baby cereal? 

Select cereals from well-known brands while shopping for baby foods. Ensure that the item is fortified with essential vitamins and iron. Generally, reputed brands ensure they offer baby cereals with most of the required nutrients.