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Order Top-Notch Baby Food from Apollo Pharmacy

The dietary needs of babies under the age of two years are unique. They rely more on liquid and semi-solid food for all their energy requirements. Hence, you must choose suitable baby food products that provide enough nutrition and aid proper digestion. To promote the steady growth of your child, you will come across several brands claiming to offer the best baby food recipes on the market. So, confusion while choosing is understandable. To help with this, Apollo Pharmacy offers only genuine brands.

Baby Food Products are Essential for a Growing Baby

In the first year of their birth, babies need several essential nutrients. Hence, it would help if you chose an infant formula that contains one or more of these facets:

Fat: To create energy and keep skin and hair healthy
Calcium: For strong teeth and bones
Zinc: To facilitate cell growth and repair functions
Proteins: To supply energy 
Iron: For building blood cells and aiding in brain development
Folate: To aid in cell division

Various baby food recipes ensure an adequate supply of these nutrients. Baby food products also have customized infant formula that adds other aspects such as:
Fatty acids

Hence, choosing the correct food for babies containing these facets is crucial. Such nutrients also help build a robust immune system to counter various diseases. For instance, elements like nucleotides can help develop your child’s digestive system.

Today, the Indian baby food market has products with different flavours. So, you can pick one that has all the essential nutrients without having to compromise on the taste.

The Role of Vitamins in Proper Baby Growth

In addition to nutrients like calcium, iron, and zinc, an ideal infant formula also consists of crucial vitamins.
Here are some essential vitamins that aid a baby’s normal growth:

Vitamin A: For healthy hair and vision
Vitamin B: Group: Converting food into energy and supporting the immune system
Vitamin C: To build healthy bones and protect against infections
Vitamin D: For proper bone and teeth health
Vitamin E: To strengthen the immune system

Overall, investing in baby food products that supply essential vitamins is the key to developing your infant properly.

Frequently asked questions

When should I give my baby water?

You should give your baby water to drink once they are six months old. Until then, breastfeeding and infant formula is the only requirement. Remember to gradually increase the amount of water after your baby turns six months old.

At what age should I stop giving my baby an infant formula?

Generally, infant formula is helpful for the first year after a baby’s birth. This product has all the necessary vitamins and minerals to meet your child’s requirements. You should also contact your doctor before switching to other food for babies. The process of shifting to semi-solid food should be careful and gradual.

Are potatoes beneficial for a baby?

Potatoes contain essential nutrients like vitamin B6, iron, choline, folate, and zinc. All these elements contribute to the overall development of a baby. So, you can buy Indian baby food products that contain potatoes as one of the main constituents.

What are some beneficial fruits for babies?

Fruits like bananas, apples, mangoes, avocados, and cantaloupes are advantageous for babies. Notably, several baby food recipes contain these fruits in different proportions. It is still vital to look out for possible allergies that can arise.