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Breast Pumps

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Shop for Breast Pumps Online at Apollo Pharmacy

The need of the hour for every nursing mother, breast pumps are essential to ensure your baby gets proper nutrition even when you are not around. At Apollo Pharmacy, we have brought together the best products in India to make your shopping experience hassle-free. Simply select the preferred breast pump, check the product description, key benefits, directions of use, and safety information, and add it to your cart. By providing easy access to a range of post-pregnancy items, we ensure that your baby's health is not overlooked. You can buy breast pumps online to pump and store breast milk for later use. If you are a working woman, such products help you stay connected to the baby while focusing on your work. These pumps also come in handy when the baby cannot latch well. A breast pump is a lifesaver for a mother who has recently adopted a newborn baby. In such cases, breast milk can be outsourced and provided to the baby at regular intervals to maintain a proper nutrition balance in the body. 

Advantages of Using Breast Pumps Regularly

In the early days of motherhood, it can be challenging to get hold of everything and manage work and the house well. A breast pump benefits significantly in such cases. Some of its advantages are: 

  • Increased freedom: Breast pumps allow you to pump and store the milk beforehand to ensure timely feeding. 
  • Lifesaving: Not every baby has the opportunity to breastfeed. Preterm infants or babies in NICU can easily get nutrient-rich milk with the help of breast pumps. 
  • Improved bonding: Feeding is one of the most effective ways to connect with the baby. A breast pump thus helps the non-feeding partner experience the same emotion. 

Health Benefits of Using Breast Pumps for Mothers

Breast pumps are undoubtedly a much-needed reprieve for all babies, including adopted and sick infants. However, there are several breast pump benefits for mothers also.

  • Breast relief: Only a nursing mother can know the gradually building pressure and heaviness in breasts due to lactation. In such cases, the discomfort can reach maximum if the baby is sleeping or otherwise unavailable. A breast pump can help you find relief in such situations. 
  • Increased supply: When using a breast pump, your body automatically understands that more milk is needed. As a result, you get more breast milk for future use.

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