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Check out the best formula milk products for your baby

As new mothers, especially first-timers, the process of lactating and breastfeeding can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you struggle with milk production or experience discomfort and pain during feeding – all your reasons to switch to formula milk are valid! Nursing a child at any hour of the day, for months on end, is a huge commitment. We understand your battles and ensure that reaching out to formula powder holds no shame. Apollo Pharmacy offers the best of the best. Check out the vast range of nutritional infant formula that will keep your little one healthy, happy and growing.

Why is choosing formula powder a good idea?

Formula powder is a godsent product for new mothers as it offers a perfect blend of nutrients. Let’s take a quick look at why choosing an infant formula is a great idea:

- Allows new mothers some freedom and a regained sense of their bodies
- Formula milk is convenient as it saves time and effort
- It is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin D and iron, so you don't have to give additional vitamins to give to your baby
- Gives you an exact idea about how many calories your youngling is getting – especially helpful if the baby has trouble gaining weight
- Also comes in variations that are free of soy and dairy, thus suitable for babies suffering from allergies
- No more painful nursing moments
- Since formula takes more time to digest than breastmilk, babies stay full longer
- Great for working moms who are juggling multiple chores

Top 3 formula powder products at Apollo Pharmacy

Want to know which formula milk product to choose for your beloved baby? Here are the top 3 picks:

Nestle Nan Pro Infant Formula Powder: Loaded with the goodness of Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc, Iron, DHA, ARA, L.reuteri and whey protein, this spray-dried formula milk powder is perfect for young infants. It aids the normal development of a baby's brain.

Amulspray Infant Milk Food: This infant formula is an excellent source of all the necessary minerals and vitamins that your little one needs. Amulspray provides all-rounder nourishment and nutrition full of vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iodine, copper, carbs, fat, protein, folic acid, etc.

Enfamil A+ Infant Formula: This is the closest that comes to breastmilk. It has clinically approved DHA, GOS, 2 dietary fibres and Polydextrose levels. It's easy to digest, softens the stool and offers good brain development!

Frequently asked questions

What is formula milk made of?

The ingredients used to formulate the infant powder vary from brand to brand, but generally, it's made of processed skimmed milk. It is then mixed with stabilizers and emulsifiers to create the perfect water and oils mix when making the formula milk.

Are there any downsides to feeding formula milk?

Formula milk is immensely convenient and saves time, as well. That said, it still falls short in front of breastmilk in the following regards:

- It does not offer the same protection against medical conditions, diseases and infections
- A precise temperature is required to prepare formula milk
- It can also cause some issues in regards to digestion and constipation
- Buying a formula, bottle, breast bump, and rubber nipples can be expensive

What makes breastfeeding a challenging task?

Breastfeeding may be a healthier option, but it poses a set of its struggles like:

- The first few days or weeks can cause extreme discomfort
- There is hardly any measure for how much your baby is consuming
- Breastfeeding mothers have to keep a check on their caffeine, medications, and alcohol intake as anything they eat will get passed to the little one
- Breastfeeding can be exhausting because newborns feed very frequently

You can talk to a lactation consultant to overcome these struggles with the right tips, methods and perseverance.

Is it okay to choose both formula powder and breastfeeding?

Yes! It's completely fine, safe and even common to do so. This method is called supplementing, and many mothers use it out of convenience or necessity. Breastfeeding and formula milk can go hand in hand, no problem!