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Get the Best Giloy Products at Apollo Pharmacy

At Apollo Pharmacy, we have a huge variety of giloy products at the best price. Known as one of the three essential Amrit plants, giloy is an ayurvedic herb that holds the ability to fix various illnesses like neurological issues, fever, cancer, diabetes, etc. You can now buy a multi-range of giloy products—from tablets and churnas to juice—on Apollo Pharmacy. Check out our 100% authentic giloy products to boost immunity, reduce anxiety, and increase longevity.

The Power of Giloy

Also known as Amrit, giloy can change your health for good. It may help:

  • Boost your immunity by flushing out toxins and purifying your blood
  • Cure chronic fevers like Swine Flu, Dengue and Malaria
  • Improve your digestion and soothe your bowel system
  • Lower high levels of blood sugar
  • Mitigate anxiety and stress by calming your body down and strengthening your memory
  • Ease out respiratory issues like tonsils, cough and cold, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, etc.
  • Enhance your vision and boost clarity
  • Treat arthritis and joint pain
  • Reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture


Giloy Dosage

There is hardly any difference between a giloy tablet and giloy juice. Both serve the same purpose and offer the same nutritional value. So, you can choose any form of giloy you like. Consuming giloy after a proper meal is a must since giloy can lower blood sugar levels. You must only take one giloy tablet post eating your meal and two tablets every day. However, it may be harmful to consume giloy on an empty stomach.

Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming Too Much Giloy?

Too much of anything can prove to be harmful to the body. That stands true for giloy consumption as well. 
Too much of giloy can leave you with a poor digestive system, causing terrible constipation. It may also cause your blood sugar levels to fall immensely. Moreover, giloy’s immunity-boosting properties can over-stimulate the immune system and trigger specific autoimmune diseases like arthritis, lupus, etc.

Who Should Not Consume Giloy?

It would be best to be cautious about consuming giloy if you are:

  • Suffering from autoimmune diseases like lupus and multiple sclerosis
  • Scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks
  • Allergic to it
  • Breastfeeding your child
  • Consuming other immunosuppressants
  • Eating other anti-diabetic medications
  • Pregnant

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