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Browse Through the Best Gyno-Care Products at Apollo Pharmacy

Intimate care is a critical aspect of women’s hygiene and health that is often overlooked. Using the best female hygiene products from Apollo Pharmacy ensures that your body's pH levels are balanced, unwanted odours are removed, and bacterial infections are kept at bay.

Apollo Pharmacy offers a wide range of gynaecology products, including medications for period cramp relief and PCOS. You can also get supplements for women undergoing menopause, as well as ovulation kits. All of these products promote reproductive health, thereby improving women’s general health and well-being.

On average, a woman spends approximately ten years menstruating. Since this is a significant part of their lives, they deserve proper care and support to make this process smoother. This is why proper intimate care products are crucial.

Apollo Pharmacy guarantees access to high-quality supplements, kits, and medications to women all over India. Simply browse through the gynaecology products available, add them to your cart, and wait for them to get delivered to your doorstep. It’s that easy!

Benefits of Using Gynaecology Products

Frequently using health supplements and intimate care products has a host of benefits. The health supplements majorly target the gut and ensure that the environment is habitable by bacteria. Healthy gut health can improve the functioning of the immune system, increase reproductive hormones in patients who suffer from female infertility, and improve the quality of lifestyle. Some key benefits of purchasing gyno-care products are: 

  • They ease menstrual symptoms.
  • Regulate the level of sex hormones in the body, thereby improving fertility.
  • Decrease menstrual irregularities.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Manage the mental and physical symptoms of PCOS.
  • Rejuvenate the body after menstruation.
  • Boost energy levels and keep them going all day long.
  • Supplement health during menopause. 
  • Help in the accurate tracking of ovulation.
  • Treat nutritional deficiencies.

By using the full range of gynaecology products available at Apollo Pharmacy, women can ensure optimal health while menstruating, treat female infertility, and manage hormonal conditions such as PCOS.

Types of Gyno-Care Products Available at Apollo Pharmacy

Each woman has different nutritional requirements that vary according to her age, lifestyle, and diet. The female hygiene products and kits available at Apollo Pharmacy include:

  • Menstrual Health Products: These consist of supplements, syrups, tonics, and tablets that increase blood flow, maintain hormone levels, regularise the menstrual cycle, alleviate pain, and restore immunity during menstruation. Since the body loses essential nutrients during this period, these supplements ensure that the body receives the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • PCOS Medicines: These medicines regulate hormonal changes and increase insulin resistance. 
  • Menopause Supplements: Menopause is accompanied by hot flashes, anxiety, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness, and low energy levels. The supplements available at Apollo Pharmacy manage these symptoms and help facilitate a smooth transition. 
  • Ovulation Kit: These affordable, convenient tests guarantee accurate results.

Frequently asked questions

What is PCOS, and how can it be managed?

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects one in four women. It occurs when there is an excess of the male hormone (androgen) in the body, or cysts develop on the ovaries. Women with PCOS often find it challenging to lose weight, suffer from type 2 diabetes, and have an increased risk of various heart diseases.

PCOS cannot be entirely cured, but its symptoms can be managed. Lifestyle changes, taking supplements, losing weight, and taking birth control pills are some of the ways to alleviate the symptoms of PCOS.

What supplements should I take if I have irregular periods?

One of the leading causes of irregular periods is hormonal imbalance. Remedies include taking nutritional supplements such as vitamin D, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B. Doctors may also prescribe hormone-regulating and phytoestrogen supplements. If irregular menstruation cycles persist, one should consult a doctor as it could be a sign of a serious condition.

Shop from the range of gyno-care products available online at Apollo Pharmacy!

Can gyno-care products help control acne?

Yes, absolutely. Using feminine products that regulate gut and reproductive health balances bodily hormones—one of the leading causes of acne. This also regulates insulin levels and increases nutrients in the body, leading to better health and skin.

Why should I track my ovulation?

Monitoring ovulation is crucial when trying to conceive. This is because ovulation is the most fertile period of the menstruation cycle. On the other hand, it can also help prevent unplanned pregnancies. A healthy female ovulates for five days. Thus, tracking ovulation can also assess overall health.