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Get medicine for digestion online

Occasional digestive uneasiness such as flatulence, upset stomach, heartburn, and acidity are common. However, when these symptoms are recurrent, it is a sign that you might need a digestive tonic to improve your digestion.
Several stomach ailments are related to indigestion or dyspepsia. Though people might face different symptoms depending on the sensitivity of their stomach. Unfortunately, not every indigestion medicine may work, especially if have an underlying cause for your condition. Even though indigestion is common, boosting your organ function by consuming medicine for indigestion will help. Apollo pharmacy offers several digestive tonics that can improve your gut health significantly. People who can consume indigestion medicine are:
- Chronic alcoholics or people who consume alcohol very frequently
- Individuals who tend to overeat or eat too fast
- People who like spicy, fatty, and acidic foods
- Youngsters diagnosed with stress or anxiety issues
- Patients consuming medicines like aspirin, especially on an empty stomach
Several problems can occur if you ignore the importance of a digestive tonic. Your stomach could be in distress due to gastritis, reflux disease, Helicobacter pylori infection, hernia, and ulcers.

Conditions to consume medicine for indigestion

As far as consumption of indigestion medicine is concerned, it is essential first to confirm your symptoms. Here is a list of things to keep an eye out for:
- Recurrence of acidic taste in the mouth
- Feeling bloated all the time
- Sharp burning pain in the stomach
- Unexplained burps or gas in the stomach
- Gurgling sound in stomach
- Replacing medicines that you have been consuming regularly
- Unexplained weight loss
- Vomiting with blood clots
- Breathing difficulty
- Stomach pain after physical activity
One of the best ways to consult your physician about starting medicine for indigestion is by observing your condition. Digestive ailments because the symptoms only occur in specific organs.

Different types of indigestion medicine

An indigestion medicine alters specific stomach functions that improve digestion. Here are different ways in which a digestive tonic works:
- Antacids: As the name suggests, these medicines stop acid reflux and neutralize the excessive acid in the stomach. It has a balanced amount of alkaline content that immediately gives relief from stomach pain due to acidity.
- Antibiotics: A lot of indigestion problems occur due to microbial infection. Hence, antibiotics are suitable to stop the growth of the bacteria or kill the same during infection.
- H2 blockers: This particular indigestion medicine treats peptic ulcers or stomach ulcers.
- Proton pump inhibitors: Any change in the function of these pumps lead to diarrhea which causes excessive fluid loss. Additionally, PPIs stop the loss of fluid by inhibiting proton pumps.

Frequently asked questions

To overcome problems related to indigestion one has to make lifestyle changes. These include adopting healthy eating and drinking habits. You can also reduce the amount of caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated drinks in your diet. However, if you have a significant problem, you can eliminate fatty, spicy, and acidic food until you recover from the ailment.

 While indigestion medicine improves the problem significantly, you cannot rely on over- the-counter drugs forever. The recovery time depends on the depth of the problem, and it is essential to go for tests if the symptoms relapse continuously. While you can consume a digestive tonic to improve your condition, it cannot treat the underlying cause in case of a significant problem.

You will be able to see an improvement in your health as soon as you change your eating patterns and add indigestion medicine to your routine. However, remember that indiscriminate use of antibiotics could can lead to an antibiotic resistance.

While medicine for indigestion is known to be helpful, one must refrain from consuming chewable tablets. Even though these are over-the-counter drugs with no side effects, an overdose could lead to several problems. Many indigestion medicines like effervescent formula, fibers, and acidity relief tonics are only temporary solutions.