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Get the Best Tulsi Products at Apollo Pharmacy 

Apollo Pharmacy offers an array of tulsi products that suit your needs. Rightly called the Queen of Herbs, tulsi is a revolutionary herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It is an effective remedy for many common ailments and gives a powerful boost to your immune system.  

With Apollo Pharmacy, the benefits of tulsi are available to you at the touch of a button. By combining a diverse range of wellness items onto a unified platform, we make sure that your pivotal well-being does not go overlooked.

Tulsi can be consumed in many forms. It is super versatile. Be it in the form of tablets, concentrated drops, refreshing juices, nourishing syrups, and even in the form of honey! Your one-stop platform to procure all of this is Apollo Pharmacy. 

To treat respiratory issues, tulsi cough syrup and tulsi drops could be great. If you are planning to pick a healthy habit, consume tulsi juice every day in the morning. You can even replace your normal honey with tulsi-infused honey. Tulsi tablets can help add the necessary vitamins and minerals to your body. 

Advantages of Consuming Tulsi Drops Regularly 

Daily consumption of Tulsi drops may help avoid diseases such as cold, asthma, heart and stomach issues, cough, flu, infections (viral, bacterial, and fungal), lung diseases, and even malignancies, among others.   

Tulsi, which is high in vitamins A, C and K, and some other antioxidants, enhances overall health, and well-being, and improves memory.  
This natural substance is also a great blood purifier and has anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and anti-viral characteristics. Consuming a few drops per day will provide you with several health benefits.

Health Benefits of Tulsi Juice

Tulsi juice nourishes the mind and body, while also providing a sense of calmness and well-being. In addition, it may improve oral and eye health, relieve congestion and respiratory problems and strengthen immune function.  

Tulsi also aids in improving renal function and eliminates harmful toxins from the body. It might also improve bowel motions and fight acid reflux, heartburn, and other digestive issues when used daily.


Frequently asked questions

What are some of the benefits of using Tulsi for weight loss?

Since tulsi seeds are high in fibre, they fill you up and keep your hunger away for a long time. They may expand to 30-fold their initial size after being soaked in water, making them a fantastic natural diet addition. 
Tulsi seeds have fewer calories and are rich in many nutrients such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Moreover, they also contain vitamins A, K, B-complex and E, which might aid in weight loss. 

Is Tulsi oil beneficial for acne?

Tulsi is effective in the treatment of acne. It possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities and relieves discomfort and irritation around breakouts when applied externally.  
Tulsi can help in improving the skin texture by absorbing extra sebum and oil and clearing up existing acne due to its astringent property.  

Is it possible to boost memory by consuming Tulsi powder daily?

Yes, tulsi powder is known for its memory-boosting properties. Tulsi contains ursolic and eugenol acid. These acids aid in lowering cortisol levels and controlling stress and stress-related issues like memory loss.   
Moreover, it soothes and relaxes the mind, and it has been shown to improve cognition when consumed regularly. Tulsi might also help reduce the risk of memory loss linked to aging.  

Do Tulsi tablets aid in the treatment of depression?

Tulsi contains vitamin C and some other antioxidants that might help relieve harmful stress by calming and soothing the mind. The potassium content in tulsi may also help to relieve blood pressure-related strain by relaxing stiff capillaries. 
Tulsi provides a calming influence and does not have the adverse effects that pharmaceutical medications have.