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2 Baconil TTS30 21mg Patches, 7 Count

2 Baconil TTS30 21mg Patches, 7 Count



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2baconil TTS30 Nicotine Transdermal Patch is India's first 24-hour transdermal patch for remedial nicotine delivery. The 2baconil Nicotine 21mg Transdermal Patch is a highly effective and affordable nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) option for those looking to quit smoking. With a steady delivery of nicotine over 24 hours, the patch helps reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawal and gradually lessens cravings to smoke. This patch is suitable for individuals who smoke more than 20 cigarettes daily. It is a popular choice among doctors and smokers and is available at an affordable price.

If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day, use 2baconil 21mg Nicotine Transdermal Patch for the first month. Following the recommended usage instructions is important, and please consult a medical practitioner before use. 

Key Benefits

  • 2baconil 21mg Nicotine Transdermal Patches are a type of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) used to reduce the desire to consume and use tobacco. 
  • It assists in quitting smoking and tobacco use by gradually adjusting your body to have less craving for nicotine. As a result, you will gradually lose your craving for nicotine. 
  • The patch delivers nicotine in a consistent and controlled manner, which helps to reduce cravings for smoking and tobacco use.
  • The transdermal patch is simple to apply and can be worn under clothing.
  • The patch releases a controlled amount of nicotine over time, allowing the user to wean off nicotine without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Compared to other forms of nicotine replacement therapy and smoking cessation treatments, 2baconil nicotine patches are the most cost-effective option.

Directions for Use

  • Choose a clean, dry area of skin on your upper arm, chest, or hip. 
  • Open the patch packaging and remove the protective backing.
  • Apply the patch to the chosen area of skin and press down firmly for at least 10 seconds to ensure it sticks.
  • Wear the patch for 24 hours, then remove it and apply a new patch to a different area of the skin.
  • Do not use more than one patch at a time.
  • Wash your hands after applying or removing the patch.
  • Do not touch the adhesive while applying the patch. 

Dosage schedule

If you smoke 20 cigarettes or more per day:

Weeks 1 to 4: Use one 21mg/24 hr patch per day

Weeks 5 to 8: Use one 14mg/24 hr patch per day

Weeks 9 to 12: Use one 7mg/24 hr patch per day

If you smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day:

Weeks 1 to 4: Use one 14mg/24 hr patch per day

Weeks 5 to 12: Use one 7mg/24 hr patch per day

Safety Information

  • Before using, carefully read and follow the label instructions.
  • This product should only be used under the supervision of a medical professional.
  • If you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, have a cardiac or blood pressure condition, or are allergic to adhesives/patches, please consult a doctor before using this product.
  • Consult your doctor before using this product if you are taking medication for depression or asthma.
  • Individuals who use non-nicotine smoking cessation medications should also consult a doctor before using the patch.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Question: How does 2baconil TTS30 Nicotine Transdermal Patch work?

Answer: 2baconil TTS30 Nicotine Transdermal Patch contains Nicotine that acts as a smoking cessation aid. It helps quit nicotine (tobacco) use by slowly adjusting the body to have less craving to use nicotine.

Question: What should I know before applying a nicotine patch?

Answer: Always choose a hair-less skin area to make the patch stick properly to the skin surface. Do not apply the patch on red, broken or irritated skin. If the patch doesn't stick to the selected skin area, try using an alternative area or clean the skin surface with surgical spirit and allow it to dry completely before re-applying the patch. Avoid areas where the skin creases or folds (such as joints) for application.

Question: Can I apply two patches at a time for improved performance?

Answer: Please do not use more than one transdermal patch at a time since it may lead to build-up of nicotine levels in the body.

Question: Can I smoke while using the transdermal patch?

Answer: You are recommended not to smoke even if you feel the urge to smoke while using the patch, as it may lead to the accumulation of nicotine at high levels.

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58-D, Government Industrial Estate, Charkop, Kandivli (W), Mumbai, 400 067 (India).
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