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Complan Kesar Badam Flavour Nutrition Powder, 500 gm Refill Pack

Complan Kesar Badam Flavour Nutrition Powder, 500 gm Refill Pack

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The Complan Kesar Badam flavour nutrition powder by Zydus Wellness is a choice worth considering for those seeking a nutritious and tasty beverage mix for their children. The Kesar Complan stands out from regular malt-based food drink powders by delivering a whopping 63% more protein content, which is instrumental for a child's growth.

The benefit of having 100% milk protein in the Complan Badam Kesar formulation aids in the overall physical development of the child. Besides these, a total of 34 key nutrients are packed into this product, including essentials like Vitamin D2, calcium, and zinc. The Complan Kesar Badam flavour is clinically proven to stimulate 2 times faster growth and enhance memory and concentration.


  • Infused with 100% milk protein content
  • Scientifically designed drink
  • Fortified with 34 key nutrients
  • Clinically proven formula
  • Delicious kesar badam flavour

Uses of Complan Kesar Badam Flavour Nutrition Powder, 500 gm Refill Pack

Health Drink

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated Growth: With a composition that's clinically proven to support 2 times faster growth, Complan Kesar Badam can significantly contribute to your child's physical development. The high protein content provides the necessary building blocks for muscle and tissue growth.
  • Boosted Memory and Concentration: The Kesar Complan doesn't just aid in physical growth; it also supports mental development. It's formulated to enhance memory and concentration, making learning easier for your child and helping them excel academically.
  • Pro-Immunity Nutrients: This nutrition powder comes enriched with 34 vital nutrients that boost immunity. The added vitamins and minerals strengthen your child's immune system, thereby helping to fend off illnesses and infections.
  • Complete Nutritional Support:Complan Kesar Badam offers a comprehensive nutritional solution for your child's growing needs. From providing vital nutrients for overall development to supplying necessary proteins for growth, it takes care of all aspects of your child's nutrition.
  • Cost-Effective Nutrition: Considering the Complan Kesar Badam price, this product offers an affordable way to ensure your child receives the necessary nutrients for their development. This refill pack is not only economical but also environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of packaging waste.

Directions for Use

  • Add two heaped tablespoons of Complan Badam Kesar to a glass.
  • Pour in warm or cold milk, depending on your preference, and stir until it is fully mixed.
  • Serve this nutrition drink daily to supplement a balanced diet.


Kesar Badam

Safety Information

  • Allergens: Contains milk and peanuts.
  • Always check for ingredient sensitivities before consuming.
  • If adverse effects are experienced after consumption, consult your healthcare provider immediately.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Q1. What are the benefits of Complan Kesar Badam?

Ans: Complan Kesar Badam is enriched with 34 key nutrients and is high in protein, which is clinically proven to support 2 times faster growth in children. It enhances memory and concentration levels, while also boosting the immune system.

Q2. Which age is best for Complan?

Ans: While the Kesar Complan is designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing children, it can also be consumed by adults as a nutritional supplement.

Q3. How does Complan compare to other malt-based food drinks in terms of nutritional value?

Ans: Complan Kesar Badam provides a higher amount of protein compared to regular malt-based food drink powders. It also contains 34 vital nutrients like Vitamin D2, calcium, and zinc which are crucial for growth and development.

Q4. Is it safe for children with nut allergies to consume Complan Kesar Badam?

Ans: Complan Kesar Badam contains almonds, which is a known allergen. It's always advisable to check if the child is allergic to any ingredient present in the product before consumption.

Q5. How does the Complan Kesar Badam price compare to other products in its category?

Ans: While the Complan Kesar Badam 500g price might slightly vary from similar products in the market, its unique combination of nutrients and high protein content provides excellent value for money.


'Complan Kesar Badam has been my go-to nutritional supplement for my children. The fact that it is high in protein and contains 34 vital nutrients gives me peace of mind knowing they are receiving the nutrients they need for growth.' - Sonali Rane, Doctor, 32

'My kids love the Kesar Complan nutrition powder. It's a great way to ensure they are getting their daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals while enjoying a delicious drink.' -Ramakrishna Swamy, Engineer, 45

'Ever since I started serving Complan Kesar Badam to my kids, I've noticed an improvement in their concentration levels. Plus, the Complan Kesar Badam 500g price is reasonable for the nutritional value it provides.' -Meenakshi Gawande, Homemaker, 39

Key Ingredients

Milk Solids(46.9%), Sugar, Maltodextrin,, Edible Vegetable Oil, Minerals, Almonds (0.8%), Curcumin (Ins100), Annatto (Ins160B), Vitamins, Saffron (0.05%), Inositol, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Peanut Oil.

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Zydus Wellness Products Ltd., Unit No. 1901 and 1902, 19th Floor, E and G Wing, Lotus Corporate Park, Goregaon (East), Mumbai (Maharashtra) - 400063.
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