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Shop for Best AAA Batteries Online at Apollo Pharmacy

An AAA battery can make your life much easier, from powering your digital camcorder to all the  remote-controlled devices. This rechargeable and disposable battery benefits an average household in multiple ways. However, you should always buy AAA rechargeable batteries that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
These long-lasting batteries do not leak and stay effective over the years. So, you can always keep an emergency pack on hand to avoid any dire situations. You can safely procure all such products via Apollo Pharmacy, India's one-stop shop for all your home essentials and miscellaneous needs. So, stock up on this home commodity for emergencies, like when the power runs out.

Types of AAA Batteries Online

Based on your requirements, you can easily find different types of batteries. Some of them are
mentioned below:
- Rechargeable Batteries: Ideal for high power usage, these batteries last a long time. Generally, they are made of lithium ion and can be utilised for various devices like DSLR gadgets and remote-control drones or cars.
- Single-use Batteries: Most commonly found in homes, these alkaline cells are distilled and last only for a fixed duration. You can use such batteries to charge the television remote, wall clock, or other devices.
- Nickel-metal Hybrid Batteries: Used instead of Nickel-cadmium cells, these batteries are more environment-friendly. These cells also have increased durability due to high energy density and can work in extreme temperature conditions.
- Lead Batteries: You can buy two types of lead batteries: lead-acid open and lead-acid closed. The former type requires regular maintenance, while the latter type does not.

Why Should you Buy Batteries Online?

Dry cell batteries are crucial for every household for multiple reasons. Some of them are:
- They are used in healthcare instruments like an oximeter or a blood pressure monitor
- Can charge remotes and doorbells to keep you on guard
- These high-output watches can power other devices like watches and calculators
- Cells are portable and lightweight and can be carried along while travelling

Frequently asked questions

How does a dry cell function?

The cell contains different chemical elements known as an electrode and an electrolyte. On
placing electrodes in electrolytes, a reaction is observed where differently charged ions attract
each other. Now, when the charges are on the move, the resulting motion produces current.
This current then powers the device.

What to check before you choose to buy batteries online?

Batteries can power a range of devices in your house. However, different gadgets have
varying power needs. So, you should always look up factors like- the cell's capacity, voltage,
type of use, size, etc. If you have to power something like a remote, you can opt for commonly
found pencil cells.

What to keep in mind when storing batteries?

After receiving your order, you must keep the batteries in a cool and dry place. Additionally,
ensure to keep the surrounding area clean to maximise the lifespan of such cells. When
changing the battery in any device, remove the old one and clean the area using a cloth. You should also ensure not to keep batteries alongside metal objects like buckles or coins. Doing so
can harm the potential charge of the cell.
In the case of rechargeable batteries, you must put them to use every 10-15 days. Otherwise, it
might lose its ability to charge over time. Lastly, you should ensure not to throw away the cells
without caution. Doing so can harm the environment.

Why buy rechargeable batteries over non-rechargeable batteries?

There are multiple reasons for buying rechargeable batteries. Firstly, these cells are more
cost-effective because you don't have to replace them repeatedly. Secondly, these batteries are