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Apollo Life Glucose-D Instant Energy Drink, 100 gm Refill Pack



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  • Apollo Life Glucose-D contains 99.4 percent glucose. 
  • It is easily absorbed by body, thus giving instant energy and rejuvenation. 
  • It is the simplest form of carbohydrate with high glycemic index that means, 
  • It restores energy faster compared to ordinary sugar based beverages.

Key Benefits

  • Apollo Life Glucose-D, does not need any complex digestion process therefore is absorbed readily by the body providing instant energy. 
  • Sometimes used by endurance athletes as a supplement to combat low energy levels and replenish depleted sugar during or after long intense workouts. 
  • Glucose- D is the preferred choice in summer when the scorching heat drains out body glucose. 

Directions for Use

  • Mix 35g in a glass of water and consume.

Safety Information

  • Keep out of sunlight and excess moisture.

Key Ingredients

Glucose 99.4%

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100 gm Powder in 1 Pack