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MMS 1 Infant Formula Powder, 400 gm

MMS 1 Infant Formula Powder, 400 gm



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Give your infant the nutrition of super healthy foods with MMS 1 Infant Formula Powder. It is enriched with valuable nutritional ingredients, such as nucleotides, choline, biotin, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. MMS 1 Infant Formula Powder is designed for babies from birth to 6 months and provides all the early-age nutritional value required by babies. It is easy on your baby's stomach and boosts the immunity. It consists of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that aid in the baby's healthy growth. It has a blend of nucleotides that support a baby's developing immune system. 

Key Benefits

  • MMS 1 Infant Formula Powder is an immunity booster and strengthens the baby's immune system.
  • It is beneficial for the growth and development of infants from birth to 6 months.
  • It has a superior fat source, which helps in easier digestion and forming softer stools. It also contains partially hydrolysed whey protein that is easier to digest and prevents colic pain.
  • The whey protein also reduces allergic reactions and helps in tissue growth and repair.
  • It has Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that support a baby's brain development. 

Directions for Use

  • Use as directed by the paediatrician.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water and use a clean or disposable cloth to dry.
  • Thoroughly wash the feeding bottle or bowl, nipple, cap, measuring cup and all utensils to be used in preparing the feeding. After rinsing the soap from utensils, boil them for 5 minutes.
  • Heat water in a separate pan and bring them to rolling boil for 5 minutes. Cool to lukewarm, and follow mixing instructions carefully.
  • Pour the exact amount of lukewarm and previously boiled water into the sterilized feeding bottle or bowl. The water should be no cooler than 70°C.
  • Consult the feeding table and add an exact number of levelled scoops based on the baby's age. Only use the scoop provided with the pack.
  • Close the bottle with a stopper and shake until it is completely dissolved.
  • Test the temperature and feed. After feeding, discard any unused formula after the feed.


Up to 6 Months

Safety Information

  • Infant food should not be the sole source of nourishment for an infant.
  • Infant food should be used only on the advice of a paediatrician as to the need for its use and the proper method of its usage.
  • Careful and hygienic preparation of infant food/infant milk substitutes is essential for health.
  • Do not use fewer scoops than recommended, as diluted foods will not be able to provide the adequate nutrients needed by your infant. 
  • Do not use more scoops than recommended since concentrated feeds will not provide the water needed by your infant. 
  • Use water previously boiled at a full rolling boil for 5 minutes. Cool to lukewarm, and follow the mixing instructions carefully.
  • Use only the scoop provided with the pack.
  • Once feeding begins, use within one hour or discard.
  • Consult your baby's paediatrician about how much formula should be consumed by your baby. Follow the mentioned feeding table for preparing the formula.


Question: Can I feed leftover formula to my baby?

Answer: Please do not feed any leftover formula to your baby. It is advised to discard any unused product to reduce the risk of infection.

Question: Can I feed my baby an extra scoop of the formula than the mentioned dosage? 

Answer: It is advised not to use extra scoops of the formula than directed since concentrated feed will not provide the water your infant needs.

Question: Can I use the microwave to warm the formula before feeding it to my baby?

Answer: Do not use a microwave oven to prepare or warm the formula since it may result in serious burns.

Key Ingredients

Whole Milk Powder, Oleic Sunflower Oil Powder, Hydrolysed Whey Protein, Casein, Skimmed Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Mineral Mix, Vitamin Mix, Taurine, Nucleotide, L Carnitine.

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Manufacturer/Marketer address

British Biologicals: The Protein People , No. 30, 10th Main , Ashoka Pillar Road, Jayanagar, II Block , Bangalore 560 011
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