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Nestle Nan Lo-Lac Infant Formula Powder, Up to 24 Months, 200 gm Refill Pack



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Nestlé NAN LO-LAC is a spray dried infant formula with low lactose for infants from birth to when they are 24 months old. NAN LO-LAC contains not more than 5% lactose.

Uses of Nestle Nan Lo-Lac Infant Formula Powder, Up to 24 Months, 200 gm Refill Pack

Formula Milk

Key Benefits

  • SPRAY DRIED FORMULA POWDER: NAN® LO-LAC ™ is a spray dried Infant Formula with low lactose for infants from birth onwards.
  • Contains not more than 5% lactose.
  • UP TO 24 MONTHS: Infant milk substitute for up to 24 months old kids.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mother's milk is best for your baby.
  • BAG-IN-BOX FORMAT: Ensures enhanced safety, hygiene and convenience.

Directions for Use

  • Wash your hands. Use clean utensils
  • Sterilize utensils including the feeding spoon and bowl.
  • Boil drinking water for 5 minutes and leave it till lukewarm
  • Pour the exact amount of lukewarm water as per feeding table.
  • Consult the feeding table and add exactly number of leveled scoops for the age of a baby. Only use the scoop provided. Shake/mix to dissolve powder
  • Feed the baby with a bowl and spoon. Discard leftover feed

Safety Information

  • Do not use nan lo lac in case of galactosemia or glucose galactose malabsorption
  • Infant milk substitute should be used only on the advice of a health worker as to the need for its use and the proper method of its use. Infant milk substitute is not the sole source of nourishment of an infant.
  • Unboiled water, unboiled utensils or incorrect dilution can make your baby ill.
  • Incorrect storage, handling, preparation and feeding can potentially lead to adverse effects for the health of your baby.
  • On opening, transfer the contents of the pack along with the pouch into a clean airtight container.
  • Replace the lid lightly after every use and store in a cool, dry place.
  • Retain the feeding table/ instructions on the pack.
  • Ensure enclosed scoop is thoroughly washed and dried before use.
  • After opening, use the contents within 3 weeks or the expiry date, whichever is earlier.

Key Ingredients

Dried glucose syrup,Milk solids,maltodextrins, Milk protein concentrate, soyabean oil, Medium chain triglyceride(MCT) oil, Minerals*, Whey protein isolate, antioxidant(soya lecithin), Vitamins#,Taurine, Nucleotides, L-carnitine and Acidity regulators (Citric acid and Potassium hydroxide)

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200 gm Powder in 1 Pack