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With increasing responsibilities and a busy lifestyle, one hardly gets time to relax and look after their body. That's how health problems like muscle cramps, joint pains, and muscle soreness get ignored. However, using essential oils to heal all types of body pain is emerging as one of the preferred ways to relax. Essential oils are a part of aromatherapy that not only helps relieve the pain but also infuses relaxation and improves your mood.
Even though it is a traditional technique, several pharmaceutical products have essential oils in their pain-relieving formula. Furthermore, many spa centers and physical therapists give essential oil massages to their clients. Using these oils regularly improves the body's muscular and skeletal health.
Apollo Pharmacy has a vast collection of essential oils, and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Benefits of essential oil massage

An essential oil massage uses plant-based oil extracts with a unique composition formula. They can relieve the pain immensely and improve the muscle soreness in an individual. Going for an essential oil massage not only physically relaxes you but also stimulates mental well-being. Many scientific types of research suggest that essential oils are beneficial for conditions like:
- Anxiety and depression
- Muscle fatigue
- Insomnia
- Pain
- Nausea

While there are different essential oils, there are few that work as a massage oil. Here is a list of massage oil that improves body pain:
- Ylang-Ylang oil: It is known for skin uplifting. Apart from massage, people also use it
as a night serum.
- Lavender oil: This massage oil induces a calming effect and reduces muscle pain.
- Eucalyptus oil: Widely known for its pain-relieving properties, this massage oil is
used for headaches and muscle pain.

Different uses of essential oils

A massage is just one of the applications of essential oils. There are so many other ways in which they are used.
Here are some beneficial practices you can follow with essential oils:
- Add it to a diffuser or reed stick container for better sleep
- Use it on the skin as a serum
- Apply it to the allergy-prone area to reduce the inflammation
- Go for a hot oil massage for hair growth
- Put a few drops in the belly button for several other benefits

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