Lux Velvet Touch Body Wash 240 Ml
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Lux Velvet Touch Body Wash 240 Ml
Pamper yourself with Lux velvet touch and step out with skin that invites the caress. With moisturising silk essence, jasmine and almond oil, it's time to bid dry skin adieu. We've all grown up using bars of soap and then came body washes that claimed to be a better choice to make. Here are reasons why a body wash are better than a bar of soap a body wash has a lovely, potent feel as compared to a regular soap bar.Salient Features: -• From long lasting fragrances to essential oils, a body wash could very well be your new best friend in the bathroom.• It attends to hygiene as well as cosmetic needs; while soap generally just helps you clean up.• A lot of body washes are popular for their aroma therapeutic and effervescent properties with scintillating fragrances that are definitely missing from a soap bar's life.• We all love a good lather while showering. A body wash does the trick with minimal effort as compared to a bar of soap, when used with a loofah.• With minimal rubbing, a more foamy yet relaxing bathing experience awaits you with a body wash.• A bar of soap has a drying effect on the skin as compared to a body wash which contains essentials oils that will form an invisible layer to lock the moisture within and keep your skin moisturized.• Certain soaps can also instigate allergic reactions due to the dryness, causing unpleasant redness and an itchy feeling on your skin.""
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Lux Velvet Touch Body Wash 240 Ml
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