Soapex Soap 75Gm

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Soapex Soap 75GM is an effective bathing soap. This makes sure that the skin is clean and healthy.Key Ingredientsβ€’ Sodium Palmkernelateβ€’ Aquaβ€’ Glycerinβ€’ TriclosanKey Featuresβ€’ The Triclosan ingredient is a powerful anti-bacterial agent and it effectively kills the harmful bacteria which is present on the skin.β€’ Glycerin helps in keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturizes.β€’ Removes excess oil present in skin and prevents the skin from breakouts and skin damage.Usageβ€’ Suitable for all skin types.β€’ Make sure you read the instructions on the box.β€’ Use it daily. Gently rub and spread foam.β€’ Leave on wet skin for a while.β€’ Wash and rinse well.
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